The best cameras for travelling and festivals

Hitting Glastonbury or going travelling? Make sure you have no regrets over your summer or the camera you choose to document it with our guide…

16 Apr 2018


With university finished or some well-deserved annual leave from your first job, you want to pack some cool experiences into your summer.

Beach photography

Travel will be at the centre of that. Whether trekking the Great Wall of China, lazing on a Phuket beach or moshing at Glasto – you want to remember this as the summer of no regrets.

Make sure you do remember it too and have no regrets about your photos with a camera designed to suit your summer.


Super-portable for backpack travellers

Choose: High performance compact camera

You’re travelling with only your backpack – with T-shirts, pants, blow-up pillows and paperwork.

There’s no room for bulky camera kit. But latest technology means you can get excellent picture quality in a pocket sized package. With a high performance compact camera you’ll get much better shots to your smartphone.

Look out for…

  • Built-in Wi-Fi and phone app for sharing your photos to Instagram 
  • Versatile lens for wider range and awesome detail
  • Small and light enough to fit in your jacket pocket
  • 1-inch CMOS sensor for DSLR-quality photos
  • Reduced noise, so you can discretely capture that amazing wildlife shot

Canon G7X

Why not try… Canon G7X II

You can enjoy superb picture quality from a pocket-sized camera with the nifty G7. Its larger sensor means enhanced sensitivity, and it has built-in Wi-Fi for on-the-go uploads.

Get the Canon G7X II


For capturing festival crowds

Choose: Superzoom camera

Festivals like Glastonbury are pretty strict on their photography policies, so you don’t want to be turning up with professional-looking kit. You’re only allowed to take photographs for private/personal use, and not of the performers themselves.

A superzoom camera is an affordable way of capturing shots of you and you pals in your tent and at the main stage. A superzoom is compact point-and-shoot with an optical zoom lens. They’re generally lower priced than high performance compacts.

Look out for…

  • Pocket-friendly size for travelling light in the festival crowds
  • Tough design to take a few knocks when you’re rocking out
  • Between 30x and 40x optical zoom lens for framing scenes in the distance
  • Angled LCD screen for taking silly selfies in the crowd
  • Simple point-and-shoot controls for quickly capturing the moment

Sony cybershop

Why not try… Sony Cyber-shot HX60VB


Serious photographer with a travel bucket list

Choose: Mirrorless camera

You’re a keen photographer and you want to shoot your bucket-list sights in style.

From the Pyramids of Giza and Iceland’s Blue Lagoon to road tripping on Route 66. The best way to document these sights is with a mirrorless camera. These combine DSLR-like image quality in a small portable design. They’re often retro-looking, so you can turn a few heads in your hostel too. With interchangeable lenses you can get the best from every situation.

Look out for…

  • APS-C or Micro Four Thirds sensor for creating richly detailed photos
  • Fast autofocus for capturing your friend running across the beach
  • Small and streamlined with tough casing for life on the road
  • Manual controls to adjust exposure for arty shots
  • Good range of interchangeable lenses for different effects
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for documenting your travels on Instagram
  • Full HD video for shooting travel diaries
  • Angled touchscreen for framing shots from creative anglesSony Mirrorless Camera

Why not try… Sony A600


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