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How to compose a photograph 26 June 2017

From framing the scene to mastering the rule of thirds, expert results are easy to achieve with our handy beginners’ guide to composing a photograph…Composition

Camera cheat sheet 26 June 2017

Getting to grips with your first ‘proper’ camera after years of smartphone snapping is daunting. Hit the ground running with our beginners’ guide to aperture, shutter speed and ISO…

How to take the perfect holiday selfie 06 July 2015

How to take stunning selfies on holiday that capture you, your family and friends as well as your holiday location. Find out with our 5-step guide…

How to take photos at night 03 July 2015

Want to take memorable photographs of landmarks, friends and nature after dark? Find out how with our 7-step guide…

A little history of the camera – from polaroid to selfie 27 May 2015

The gateway article to the thoroughly researched and beautifully put together history of the camera

Getting photography effects with different lenses 22 December 2014

Add some flare to your photography, here we explain how different lenses can affect your photographs

Fireworks and Photography – taking the perfect picture at night 05 November 2014

We have some tips for budding photographers to take the perfect night time picture on Bonfire Night.

Eye in the sky – how a smart drone can take your photography and filmmaking to new heights 16 September 2014

Shoot video and photos from a bird’s-eye view with a state-of-the-art drone flying machine – one of the coolest of the new generation of smart gadgets.

5 tips for better holiday photos, by Amateur Photographer magazine 28 July 2014

Amateur Photographer magazine editor, Nigel Atherton, offers 5 tips for taking better pics on holiday this year

Lights, Camera, Currys! Top Tips from Our Photography Expert 11 June 2014

Professional photographer Dade Freeman shares his top tips for amateur photographers after his blogger workshop in Brighton on Sunday.


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