How to take the perfect holiday selfie

How to take stunning selfies on holiday that capture you, your family and friends as well as your holiday location. Find out with our 5-step guide…

The selfie is the modern-day equivalent of ‘I woz ere’ scrawled on walls the world over. Yet they can be so much more than just a holiday snap.

1) Grip and angles

CSC Selfie Beach

Hold the camera with a firm grip with your finger poised over the button. Then try not to move your hand when you take the shot to keep the camera as steady as possible. A blurry selfie at an unflattering angle is a selfie fail.

For more flattering selfies:

  • hold the camera up
  • turn one shoulder slightly towards the camera and stick out one hip, to make yourself look slimmer
  • push your neck out a little – this will help get rid of any double chins

2) Make the best of bright light


It’s often hot when you’re on holiday - make the most of that shimmering sun with our tipson maximising the glorious natural light:

  • Keep the sun in front of you, a bit above eye level, for the most flattering light. As long as the light is directly in front of you rather than behind it will soften your features and avoid dark shadows
  • If you’re inside, standing next to a window will give your selfie a soft, natural look and a more flattering light

3) Include your holiday location

Selfie Fountain

It’s no good taking a selfie of you, your friends and family if you’re all squished into the shot and the picture doesn’t reveal what’s going on behind you.

A selfie is no different to any other picture where you’re trying to convey a sense of place. A close up of your face filling the full frame is of no interest to anyone, except perhaps you, your parents or partner.

  • If you’re taking a selfie on your phone or using a camera with a swivel and tilt LCD viewer then check all four corners of the image to see how much space there is.
  • If there’s not very much space for background within the image then try to zoom out if you can to include the sunset, beach or lake behind you.
  • If you can’t zoom out then angle the camera to your left or right depending on which hand you’re holding it in. If the camera’s off-centre it should help show more of that mountain or volcano.
  • Always check what’s going on behind you before you take your selfie. You really don’t want a load of empty beer bottles on the beach in shot or a random person photobombing your pristine mountain selfie.

4) Make the world your stage

Smarthpone Camera Holiday Selfie

You’re bang in the centre of the world’s stage when you take a selfie so why not treat it like a set. 

Think about the colours and textures you’re surrounded by and bring them into your selfie. A selfie in front of tawny autumnal leaves can be quite magical. Similarly if you’re standing in front of cherry blossom and you happen to be wearing a navy top then the pink and the blue will provide a lovely contrast.

Remember though to keep it as natural as possible. Your selfie should never make it look like you’re trying too hard. That’s why it’s always a great idea to have more people in a selfie. It’s also more fun and helps if you’re self-conscious about taking them.

5) Avoid passé poses

Family Selfie Beach

Even if you think you’re being ironic, no one loves a trout pout. They’re overdone, particularly when it comes to selfies. So if you’re taking a selfie in front of Rome’s Colosseum then why not look happy to be there instead?

Similarly pretending someone else took your selfie by looking away from the camera rarely works. There’s always a sliver of arm or the camera’s angle which gives it away.

Be proud of your selfie. To keep it natural, either look directly at the camera or your friend or family member if they’re in the shot with you. Or do something interesting – pull a funny face – to make your selfie stand out from the millions of others.

A selfie camera we love:

Want a retro-looking camera to match your retro summer style? Look no further. Its large tiltable LCD screen is perfect for getting your pout on, selfie style. Fujifilm X-A2

A selfie stick also comes in really handy if you are using your smartphone to take your selfies.