Six Week Photo Challenge: Winners Announced

We recently called for all photography fans, hobbyists, enthusiasts and the like to get involved in our six week long Photo Challenge. Read on to find out who our six winners are...

23 Sep 2013


We recently called for all photography fans, hobbyists, enthusiasts and the like to show off their skills and get involved in our six week Photo Challenge. Prizes up for grabs include A Nikon Coolpix Compact Camera and a One Day Photography Course with an expert.

The quality of entries across all of our challenges was outstanding, and we'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part, as well as our guest judges for setting the challenges and for helping to pick our winners.

So, without further ado, here are our six official Photo Challenge winners...


Challenge 1:  "Smoking Scenes" by David Nightingale, Chromasia

Winner: Elaine Hopkins from Canterbury

This photo seemed to perfectly recreate the type of image described in David's challenge. The idea of using several colours to create an 'image' adds interest and we spotted the smoky penguin straight away. As David Nightingale said himself, this was a "clear winner". Well done.

Is it a duck? Is it a penguin? What do you see?

Smoke Penguin

The picture was taken by Elaine Hopkins from Canterbury using a d700, sb900, black card, and incense cones.


Challenge 2: "Geometry", by Quintin Lake

Winner: Simon Woodward from Swindon

"This was the winning image for me as the photographer has created a strong geometrical composition, a pleasing sense of abstraction in the way the shot is cropped and a fresh image of a familiar landmark. It's no easy thing to combine all these elements in a single shot.

The geometrical relationship of the bird sculpture, tower bridge, building and lamp post has been considered and gives the image an interesting narrative. Graphically the image is especially strong via the use of cropping and the inclusion of a rectangle of sky that balances the image and reinforces its abstract quality." - Quintin Lake

Tower through Sparrow

The picture was taken by Simon Woodward from Swindon using a Nikon D40.


Challenge 3: "Movement & Motion" by Chris Gurton

Winner: Mark Cassidy from Blackridge

"It was picked as it is an unusual subject that has been executed well that produces an abstract feel. The exposure is just right and the photographer has shown good skill and knowledge to capture the image." - Chris Gurton

Winter Wonderland

The picture, 'Winter Wonderland' was taken by Mark Cassidy from Blackridge using a Nikon D80.


Challenge 4: "Night Time Photography" by Ed Graham

Winner:  Nick Jackson from London 

We thought this thought-provoking shot, chosen as a winner by Ed Polar, really captured a sense of isolation in amongst the liveliness of London. This contrast extends to the aesthetics of the picture - Nick's grayscale night photograph is visually stunning.

A time for reflection

'A time for reflection' was taken by Nick Jackson from London using a Nikon D7000 & 16-85mm lens.


Challenge 5: "Composition" by Craig Jones

Winner:  Sean Lowe from Pembrokeshire

"I chose this image as my winner because I thought the photographer showed a real understanding of composition within this image. Spiders by their very nature are often found once disturbed, hidden away in dark, dank places only really visible once you come across them or through the loud screams of someone seeing them all of a suddenly.

This image brings their beauty to the forefront and lets you see just how stunning up close they are at the same time placing the Spider among its natural habitat. I loved the lighting and the shaded areas which adds a great deal to the image. I love the space given to the image by placing the subject over to the right with the Spider slightly angled inward.

The image is sharp, well-composed and for me was the winner from a brilliant standard so well done to all those that entered there were several all competing in my mind for the winners spot but I went with this image, thank you." - Craig Jones


Arachnid Walk

'ArachnidWalk' was taken by Sean Lowe from Pembrokeshire using a Nikon D90, 90mm 2.8 1:1 Macro.


Challenge 6: "Zoom Burst" by John Arnold

Winner:  Helen Clarke from Winchester

"When looking for a winner I was trying to find a picture that used the zoom burst technique well. I think it suits dynamic pictures and adds a sense of motion and excitement and this picture captures all of that. It's such a lively, fun shot and the zoom burst really boosts what's already there. It's quite simply a great use of the technique." - John Arnold

Summer Fun

'Summer Fun' was taken by Helen Clarke from Winchester using a Samsung compact camera.


Congratulations to you all!


Best of the rest:

There were so many fantastic photos received in this competition, and whilst not all our favourite entries could be crowned as 'Photo Challenge winners', there are number of entries that we think deserve a special place in this article.

Here are our 'best of the rest':


Runner up 1

Runner up 2

Runner up 3

Runner up 4

Runner up 5

Runner up 6

Runner up 7

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