What kind of snapper are you?

27 Jun 2011


Are you the kind of photographer who spends hours preparing for the perfect picture, or do you just whip out yourcamera in time to catch your mate falling over?

Which camera is right for you? Well, you could try asking these guys…

There's a camera out there for pretty much everyone. But if the summer weather has turned your surroundings into a picturesque paradise, then you might be thinking of getting a new snapper to capture the action.

If you're finding it hard to pick the best camera for you, then maybe spotting yourself among these profiles will help you make a decision…

Happy snapper

Birthdays, weddings, concerts… the happy snapper knows no better way to celebrate a big day than with their digital camera. After years of using throwaway cameras (usually bought in a hurry at an airport) you are now settled in the world of digital photography.

Ditching traditional viewfinders for LCD screens has improved your standard of pictures no end. Any compact digital camera around the 10mp mark is ideal for uploading the best pics to Facebook in the days after the event.

Picture perfect

Only a top-of-the-range digital SLR camera will do your snaps justice. You spend hours seeking out a picture perfect piece of landscape and then wait until the sun is in exactly the right position to take your snap.

But all your hard work pays off when you show off your high-quality prints. Not only do you require a great DSLR camera, but you need a decent flash and range of lenses to go with it.

Quick as a flash

Photo opportunities present themselves at the most unexpected moments, so you need to be prepared. When your friends are liable to do something silly or you've just seen a cloud that looks like your auntie, you need a camera quickly.

Your photos are often sent in MMS messages or uploaded straight to social networking websites, because things like this just can't wait any longer. Having a great camera built into your mobile phone makes perfect sense.

Moving pictures

Shots of your favourite band in action are all well and good, but they don't really tell the whole story. It's all about movement and capturing an event in the most absorbing way possible for you.

So you want a camcorder which can play back video on the big television in your living room - that way nobody will be in doubt about how awesome that particular summer festival set was.

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