What telescope should I buy this Christmas?

Want to see the stars more clearly, or spot Father Christmas on his sleigh? Check out our Christmas buying guide for a star-gazer’s telescope

26 Oct 2017


telescope gift

A telescope is the perfect gift for a stargazer who just wants to see more of the night sky from their own home or garden.

Using a telescope can be an experience for everyone – discovered some new constellations? Share it with the family! It’s also a great educational pastime if you’re interested in the night sky and its mysteries.

Even the littlest ones in the family can enjoy using a telescope – they might spot Father Christmas whizzing by in the night sky, if they’re lucky!

There’s a wide variety of telescopes out there, but it’s not always easy knowing which one to focus on.


So, what makes a telescope good for star gazing?


The mount:

Telescopes are mounted on a tripod or stand, which means they’re much more steady and easy to aim. This is especially important when you’re trying to focus on something thousands or millions of miles away.

You’ll only need to touch it when you’re adjusting the aim or focus, so it’s important to look for a mount that allows you to make subtle adjustments easily, so as not to lose aim. You’ll want the mount to be steady and allow for smooth movement.


The aperture:

To be able to see fine detail in the night sky, your telescope will need to be very sensitive to light. Depending on the type of telescope you choose, the light will be captured by either a lens or mirror. The larger the aperture, the better you’ll be able to see faint, distant objects in the night sky.

If you live in a busy city with a lot of bright lights at night, you may need to choose a larger aperture, as light pollution can affect the detail you’ll be able to see.

For astronomy, we’d recommend an aperture size of at least 70mm. 


Here’s 4 great telescopes for new astronomers:


For the complete novice in the night sky

In a nutshell: For those with children interested in the stars, or just thinking about learning more on the night sky.

meade infinity 70

The Meade Infinity 70 Refractor Telescope comes complete with a starter kit, which means that you’re ready to go as soon as you open the box.

You can also:

  • Enjoy tracking objects in the night sky smoothly with the slow-motion control rod
  • Check out the enclosed DVD to understand more about constellations
  • Switch between two eyepieces to see the stars in greater detail as you gain confidence


Get the Meade Infinity 70 Refractor Telescope in Blue


For the city-dwelling star watcher

In a nutshell: A compact telescope that can handle highly lit areas

national geographic compact

The 114mm aperture on the The National Geographic Compact Reflector Telescope means it can collect 3 times more light than a 76mm telescope, so it can handle the light pollution of a city-scape.

With this telescope, you can also:

  • Set-up and store away easily – it’s compact, which is great for someone getting started who’s limited for space
  • Locate the objects in the sky easily with the red LED viewfinder
  • Keep all your accessories handy in the attached tray, so you can switch lenses at the drop of a shooting star


Get the National Geographic Compact Reflector Telescope


For the mid-weight beginner in star spotting

In a nutshell: perfect for those who want to see even more detail, such as other planet’s moons.

meade polaris reflector 114

The Meade Polaris Reflector Telescope includes 3 eyepieces, making sure you see a wider range of objects. What’s more? The equatorial mount is so stable that there’s no interference with the definition of what you want to see.

You can also:

  • Be ready to go straight from the box – as soon as night falls
  • Use slow-motion controls to track night-time objects in high detail


Get the Meade Polaris Reflector Telescope in Blue


For the blossoming astronomer

In a nutshell: For someone who’s really getting into star-gazing and wants to see more.

meade infinity 90

The Meade Infinity 90 Refractor Telescope has a precision altazimuth mount with slow motion controls, which means that every object can be found and enjoyed as you view the night sky

With this telescope, you can also:

  • Enjoy a range of magnification of the objects you find with 3 different eyepieces
  • Locate objects easily with the easy to use viewfinder
  • Learn more about what you find in the sky with the bonus DVD, to help explain everything you see.


Get the Meade Infinity 90 Refractor Telescope in Blue


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