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How to host the ultimate summer party 3.6.15

Want to make the most of the summer sun? Throw the ultimate garden party, back yard festival or picnic when you download this free pack.

How to host the ultimate BBQ 3.6.15

Ready to show off your grilling skills? Get ready to host the ultimate British BBQ when you download this free pack.

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How to be food safe at a barbecue 20.5.15

Everyone loves a barbecue, but it’s important to make sure everything is cooked properly.

5 ways you can be a barbecue boss 20.5.15

If you’re anything like us, you’ll find there are very few things that can beat the flavour of great barbecued food. It doesn’t matter if you’re a vegetarian or a meat eater, there aren’t many foods that don’t benefit from the smoky flame grilled flavour you get from barbecuing.

There can be somethin...

5 reasons a mini chopper is perfect for your BBQ cooking 15.4.15

It´s nearly time to dust off your barbecue for some summer entertaining. To make your food extra delicious you´ll want to prepare marinades and rubs and make dips and salads as accompaniments. That´s where a mini chopper can come in handy.

Mini choppers are small electric food processors designed ...

Eight unusual (and delicious!) foods that just taste better from the grill 24.2.14

To inspire you to think differently about the boundaries of what can be cooked on a health grill we’ve come up with a selection of unusual but, we assure you, delicious foods that are perfect for grilling. Read our list and prepare for your mouth to water!

How to succeed at the 5-2 diet – grilling! 7.11.13

Many people will have heard of the famous 5:2 diet and the wonders it has worked for friends, family and even celebrities. Though it seems a new dietary fad arrives and disappears in the blink of an eye, only to be replace by the next trending weight loss plan, the 5:2 diet seems to be one which is set to stay.

Winter BBQs: The best wintery dishes to do on the grill 5.11.13

With the temperature dropping and summer sun being replaced by wintry conditions, you’re probably getting ready to consign your BBQ to storage until next year. A form of cooking commonly associated with blistering sunshine and warm climates, you may think having a BBQ in winter is out of the question ... but you’d be wrong!

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Getting a grilling. We review the best indoor grills 29.10.13

Getting a grilling: We review the best indoor grills With their health benefits and easy functionality, indoor grills are big business where consumer electronics are concerned. With their popularity comes one problem though – too much choice! When shopping for a grill you are looking for a few key features. You want the ability to create healthy and tasty meals, you want something that delivers high levels of performance but most importantly you want something that won’t break the bank! More than just comparing the flat price, you need to consider the value for money on offer by evaluating core costs in relation to quality and performance. Here, we rake some of the top grills over the coals to see how they stand up to a very thorough grilling