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This will change the way you look at your favourite music 1.11.18

No song is created in a vacuum, and more often than not, earlier types of music end up in our favourite songs. We put the practice of sampling under the microscope.

Enjoy smart sound in super quality with Bose and Alexa 1.10.18

Whether it’s a studio flat or a family home, every household needs impressive speakers. Try Bose, with their new Soundbar 500 and Home Speaker 500.

Why music lovers will love Bose SoundTouch speakers 28.10.16

Music lovers can enjoy top quality audio with a tap on their smartphone with Bose smart sound multi-room speakers…

3 wireless multi-room speakers we love 22.10.14

With a wireless multi-room speaker system you can fill your home with music. Here we look at three of our favourites and explain why we love them so.


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