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Why music lovers will love Bose SoundTouch speakers 28.10.16

Music lovers can enjoy top quality audio with a tap on their smartphone with Bose smart sound multi-room speakers…

3 wireless multi-room speakers we love 22.10.14

With a wireless multi-room speaker system you can fill your home with music. Here we look at three of our favourites and explain why we love them so.

Bose Quiet Comfort 15 vs. Sony MDR-1R 6.11.13

Audiophiles often have a hard time choosing between various brands and types of professional headphones. Recently, the comparison between Bose Quiet Comfort 15 and Sony MDR-1R has generated some sparks and the better of the two has yet to be found. Their technical specifications are very similar, and the price point is practically the same, which makes it difficult to pick one over the other. Is the Sony noise cancelling technology better than the one used by Bose? How do they fare in terms of build quality? The best thing to do when comparing these two is to regard them as different products, instead of trying to find the better one.