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The most amazing TVs from CES 2017 17.1.17

CES has always been about the TVs – introducing everything from colour tellies in the 60s to 4K HDR today. Here’s the highlights from 2017...

Our favourite smart gadgets from CES 2017 9.1.17

There’s always brilliant new innovations from all the top names at events like CES. But it’s when you take a wander off the beaten track to some of the smaller manufacturers that you discover some real hidden gems.

Alexa paves the way for voice technology at CES 2017 9.1.17

With Alexa voice assistant, you can now talk to your fridge, your speakers, and much more. Here's just a few of the many innovative gadgets that work with Alexa voice assistant...

Our top weird and wonderful gadgets at CES 2017 9.1.17

Innovations come thick and fast at CES in Las Vegas. And it’s loads of fun wandering around to see all the useful (and not so useful) new tech manufacturers believe will change our lives.

CES 2017: A round up of the best tech on show 9.1.17

While there wasn’t a standout new gadget like HTC Vive to get excited about this year, CES still bought us some really interesting new takes on existing technology. Here are some of the top pieces of tech we discovered this year.

Fitness & smart watches
The top 5 wearables from CES 2017 8.1.17

We hunted down the best wearable tech at CES 2017. Check out the smart watches and fitness bands that are stealing the show…

Hands on with HTC’s latest gadgets and VR experiences at CES 2017 8.1.17

HTC are known for paving the way when it comes to VR technology. Here’s what happened when we got hands on with the latest HTC products and VR experiences...

Kitchen & Home
Panasonic and Samsung: the best smart home tech of CES 2017 6.1.17

Samsung and Panasonic both showcased some of the most innovative smart home tech we have ever seen. Here’s our top highlights straight from the convention show floor…

Hands on with Monster’s floating boomboxes, Rave Box, and new iSport Wireless headphones at CES 2017  6.1.17

Known as the company who brought us Beats headphones, Monster has been working on some seriously exciting products - and we got an exclusive look - here's all the action from the Monster camp at CES 2017…

Monster teams up with Alexa and reveals true wireless headphones at CES 2017 5.1.17

We dropped in on the Monster press conference at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, to find out what the audio experts had in store for 2017…


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