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All the big news from CES 2018 19.1.18

Currys PC World were live at CES 2018. In case you missed our coverage, here are all the big announcements and releases in one handy place...

Laptops, desktops & tablets
Must-have laptops revealed at CES 2018 15.1.18

Love the latest laptops? Then CES is the place to be. Read on for the highlights from Las Vegas…

OLED and beyond: Cutting edge TVs at CES 2018 15.1.18

TV has always been the biggest star of CES, and 2018 is no different - from rollable TVs to one as big as an entire wall.

Life-enhancing new technology from CES 2018 11.1.18

One of the biggest growth categories at CES is Lifestyle technology so how will tech enhance our wellbeing in 2018?

The hottest CES 2018 news from Samsung, LG, Sony and more 9.1.18

This time around, the biggest story wasn’t new hardware. Artificial Intelligence and voice control dominated presentations as tech is getting ever cleverer...

Voice assistants dominate at CES 2018 9.1.18

As tech gets cleverer, there’s one way you're going to control it. Your voice. Discover why Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant are the big story at CES 2018.

The latest news from Samsung at CES 2018 9.1.18

Samsung’s annual announcement at CES is always a highlight. And this year they didn’t disappoint, with exciting news about AI, new technology and more.

TV & Gaming
LG unveils new products that ThinQ at CES 2018 8.1.18

LG kicked off CES with some huge news about artificial intelligence and bigger, brighter televisions that can even order you a pizza.

Smart home
Smart homes? It’s all about the Smart city at CES 2018 8.1.18

We’ve heard alot about the Smart home, but what about the Smart city? Bosch ushers in a new era at CES in Las Vegas…

Hands on with HyperX CLOUD Flight Wireless Gaming Headset 8.1.18

Invest in one, and you won’t need a cinema-sized screen to feel part of the action. We got hands-on with the HyperX CLOUD Flight Wireless Gaming Headset.


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