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Summer festival tech survival kit 28.4.18

If you’re heading to one of the big festivals this summer, make room in your backpack for our essential festival tech…

Enjoy the festival experience at home 28.4.18

Want to bring an endless summer of music to the comfort of your home? Here’s our how-to guide…

The best cameras for travelling and festivals 16.4.18

Hitting Glastonbury or going travelling? Make sure you have no regrets over your summer or the camera you choose to document it with our guide…

10 things to do at a festival (that don’t involve watching bands) 27.5.16

Festivals have long since ceased being just about the line-up. Organisers are wise to the fact that to hold their own in a saturated festival calendar, they’ve got to offer up something extra. Coachella is one festival that’s giving more. We investigated the alternative things to do when you’re just not that into watching another live set.

12 brilliant apps for festivals 26.5.16

If there’s one piece of tech you’ll take with you to a festival, it’s got to be your smartphone. Make it work hard for you and download the best apps to make the most of your festival experience. We tested some out at Coachella so you don’t have to –here’s our pick of the best...

10 festival hacks 26.5.16

If you’ve ever been to a festival and wished for a way to make life easier, a few cheats and short cuts or the best way to make the most of your experience, you’re not alone. We went to Coachella in the Californian desert and learned from our own mistakes (combined with a bit of advance research and personal experience, of course). We present our top festival hacks…

8 of the best festival gadgets 21.5.16

Want to make sure you’re fully prepared for festival season? We went to one of the world’s most tech-friendly festivals, Coachella, and tested some high-tech kit – so you can get yourself set for Glastonbury, Reading, Primavera, or your festival of choice.

6 cool gadgets spotted at Coachella 20.5.16

Among the smartphones and action cams, festivalgoers at Coachella had a batch of cool tools that caught our eye. Here’s our round-up of some of the best tech we saw.

7 outstanding Coachella performances 18.5.16

As festivals go, Coachella leads where others follow. When it comes to pioneering technology, the California-based music festival is ahead of the rest. Some of this year’s best performances relied on light displays and large-scale video footage to create some memorable sets. We were there to capture them. Here are our 2016 highlights...


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