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5 things to think about before buying a fridge freezer 10.7.18

Choosing a new fridge-freezer? Ask yourself these 5 questions before you invest…

Kitchen & Home
Extraordinary Careers, Extraordinary Diets: How outliers eat and train their way to success 3.7.18

In 1993, approximately one in seven UK adults was clinically obese. Today, it’s one in four. 

Fridges & freezers
Which fridge freezer should I buy? 18.5.18

Looking for your first-ever fridge-freezer, or one that can handle a large gathering and big family parties? Find your perfect fridge with us…  

Fridges & freezers
Should I buy a smart fridge? 16.5.18

More than just a gimmick, smart fridge-freezers help you stay on top of family life. Here’s how…

Should I spend more on a dream kitchen? 24.1.18

Working out what to spend, and where, can be tricky, but if you build your perfect kitchen you’ll never want to leave…

Kitchen & Home
How to choose your first kitchen appliances 20.1.18

Kitting out your first kitchen? Here's what you need to look out for when choosing your first appliances

Save space with built-in appliances 19.1.18

Splashing out on a stylish new kitchen or creating more room in a small one? Integrated appliances could transform your home…

Fridges & freezers
7 signs your fridge freezer is on its last legs 17.1.18

Sour milk, bumps in the night and astronomically high energy bills. Here are 7 signs that your fridge-freezer may be on its way out…

Fridges & freezers
How to measure if a new fridge freezer will fit 11.1.18

Whether you’re first-time fridge buyers or looking for an upgrade to suit a growing family, it’s important to measure up before buying a new appliance.

Fridges & freezers
Brighten up your kitchen with a Bosch Vario fridge freezer 1.11.17

Ever feel a bit bored with that dull plain look of your fridge freezer? Pick a colour that freshens up your kitchen from the new Bosch Vario range…


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