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How to add more space to your PS4 and Xbox One 13.9.18

If you own a modern console and have a sizeable collection of games, how do you deal with the reality of running out of disc space? We’ve got the solution.

How much data storage do I need at uni? 21.6.18

Heading to uni? You’ll need data that packs a punch. But exactly how much do you need?

5 reasons your home needs a NAS drive 20.6.18

Wishing it was easier to back-up data from all your family's devices? A NAS drive could be the answer…

What’s the right type of storage for you? 19.6.18

Should you go with cloud storage, a portable hard drive or both? We’ll help you work it out…

Storing your family´s files: Why a wireless external drive or NAS drive could be right for you 17.2.15

Looking for the best way to store everyone´s data so it´s safe and easy to access wherever you are?

Back Up Plus – More than just a hard drive 29.4.13

To save and protect - the Seagate Backup Plus drive makes storing, managing and protecting your content easy