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Kitchen & Home
Terms and conditions for the Currys PC World Hotpoint Oven giveaway 24.9.18

By entering this promotion, you accept and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

Kitchen & Home
Put your feet up – Hotpoint has the chores covered 14.9.18

Ever wish you could magically make household chores disappear? Want a kitchen perfect for dinner parties and family visits? We’ve got the answer...

Washing machines & cleaning
5 time-saving washing machines for busy people 30.8.18

Want to cut your laundry time in half? You can with these super speedy washing machines…

Kitchen & Home
Win big with the Hotpoint healthy recipe challenge 12.4.18

Being able to cook is a valuable life skill that gives you a healthy relationship with food, and it’s never too young to start. So, to encourage children to get involved in the kitchen, we’re teaming up with Hotpoint at the Jamie Oliver Cookery School to unveil a healthy recipe challenge.

What is an auto-clean oven? 20.1.18

Wave goodbye to grease, grime and scrubbing pads and say hello to the weekend with an auto-clean oven…

Kitchen & Home
Beat the A to Z of stains with Hotpoint 3.11.17

Wine, tan oil – even egg. Remove 40 different stains with Hotpoint washing machine technology…

How Hotpoint Multiflow ovens help you cook family favourites 18.8.17

An oven that cooks unevenly could be ruining your food – say enough is enough with Hotpoint Multiflow… 


Kitchen & Home
Try Lisa Faulkner’s scrumptious spring recipes 9.3.16

Read about our recent Spring cooking blogger event and try some delicious seasonal recipes courtesy of guest chef Lisa Faulkner.

4 reasons Hotpoint ovens are great 13.3.15

We love Hotpoint ovens, and we think you will to. Here´s why: