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How important is the ink you choose for your printer? 27.4.18

Are cheaper ink cartridges just as good as the branded ones? We debunk some of the myths…

Laptops, desktops & tablets
HP Spectre x360: The laptop that will bend over backwards to please you 28.4.15

As the name suggests, the HP Spectre x360´s screen can be turned a full 360 degrees, making this a super portable, super versatile laptop. Find out the four reasons you will love this laptop as much as we do.

Laptops, desktops & tablets
HP Sprout and RealSense - A revolution in controlling your computer 16.2.15

Be the first to hear about this tech breakthrough that turns your desk into a touchscreen.

Laptops, desktops & tablets
Are you feeling a little #DesktopENVY? (Competition) 29.4.14

Desktop PCs have gone through a lot of changes in the last few years. It seems like only yesterday that we were navigating Granny´s Garden on the ol´ BBC. Read on to find out how you could win a new HP ENVY Recline Beats Edition to replace your current clunky counterpart...