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Kitchen & Home
Give your kitchen the wow-factor with LG 14.9.18

Make sure your kitchen is top-notch – in looks and practicality – with these LG products

Fridges & freezers
Get fresh with these cool fridge freezer features 1.9.18

From door-in-door functions to adjustable temperature zones, what’s on your fridge wish-list?

TV & Gaming
How does watching football affect our minds and bodies? 2.5.18

There are few sports that capture the imagination like football.

The hottest CES 2018 news from Samsung, LG, Sony and more 9.1.18

This time around, the biggest story wasn’t new hardware. Artificial Intelligence and voice control dominated presentations as tech is getting ever cleverer...

TV & Gaming
LG unveils new products that ThinQ at CES 2018 8.1.18

LG kicked off CES with some huge news about artificial intelligence and bigger, brighter televisions that can even order you a pizza.

Our top recommended LG TVs this Christmas 24.10.17

Looking for a new TV set this Christmas? Then why not consider LG’s award-winning range of Smart televisions...

Mobile phones
Sony and LG smartphone announcements at IFA 2017 31.8.17

The first day of Europe’s largest consumer tech show has come to close, and we’ve seen some big announcements from LG and Sony. Both manufacturers have unveiled new smartphones, the LG V30 and Sony Xperia XZ1, respectively.


Crave the best in picture quality? Introducing LG OLED TVs 15.3.17

With incredible picture quality and 4K HDR compatibility, isn’t it time you explored LG’s OLED TVs?

LG introduce the world’s thinnest OLED 4K TV at CES 2017 5.1.17

Live at CES in Las Vegas, LG Electronics announced an exciting collection of super thin new OLED 4K TV’s – the signature W series.

Everything you need to know about LG’s OLED range of TVs 23.10.15

We’ve been really impressed with LG’s new range of OLED TVs, and we think you will be too. These televisions mix excellent picture and sound quality with simple-to-use Smart TV functions that add more shows, movies and music for you to enjoy.


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