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Kitchen & Home
How can AEG help you host the perfect dinner party? 18.9.18

Be the host with the most with these six AEG kitchen features...

Washing machines & cleaning
Which type of tumble dryer is right for me? 12.9.18

We take a look at the types of tumble dryers on the market so you can decide which one is right for you.

Washing machines & cleaning
Which vacuum cleaner should I buy? 11.9.18

Whether you’re running around after messy kids or suffer from allergies, we’ve got a vacuum cleaner with your name on it…

Kitchen & Home
Practical tips for small kitchens 10.9.18

Size isn’t everything. Maximise limited space and make your kitchen work for you with our top tips…

Small kitchen appliances
10 ways to make a tiny kitchen look stylish 9.9.18

From colour changes to space-saving gadgets, follow our tips for making your tiny kitchen trendy…

Should I spend more on a dream kitchen? 8.9.18

Working out what to spend, and where, can be tricky, but if you build your perfect kitchen you’ll never want to leave…

Washing machines & cleaning
Which washing machine should I buy? 7.9.18

Enhance your home with a new washing machine that caters to you. But which one should you choose? 

Washing machines & cleaning
5 things to think about before buying a new washing machine 6.9.18

What size should the drum be? Can a fast spin be quiet? We answer your washing machine questions…

Smart home
Control your lighting from your phone with Philips Hue smart bulbs 6.9.18

Smart light bulbs are no gimmick – they’re proven to boost kerb appeal and secure your home with ease…

Cook to restaurant standard with the latest oven tech 4.9.18

You provide the creativity – let your oven be the sous chef. Take your cooking to the next level…


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