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Goodbye, nano and shuffle: Apple bumps off noughties iPod icons 3.8.17

Get your noughties nostalgia on – Apple is discontinuing the iPod nano and shuffle. We take a stroll down memory lane to celebrate two iPod icons.

SEGA brings back the classic Mega Drive 16.8.16

With 80 games built-in and a port for old cartridges, the SEGA Mega Drive is a retro gamer’s dream…

Nintendo brings back NES console with 30 classic games 21.7.16

The NES Classic Edition is more compact than the original and comes with 30 retro NES games built-in…

Join the vinyl revolution with our tips and top turntables 15.7.16

Vinyl is well and truly back in fashion – with 2 million LPs sold last year. We reveal the tech you need to get the best from your records…

How to get started with a Raspberry Pi 7.3.16

If you’re looking to learn how to program a computer or create your own gadgets, a Raspberry Pi is a great way to start. They’re cheap, lightweight and it’s what they were designed for. Read on to discover more…

Blast from the Past: Five Pieces of Retro Tech 5.3.15

This Mother´s Day, take a trip down memory lane and remember some of the best pieces of retro tech.

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Digital Revolution highlights: Retro tech, virtual butterflies and 3.7.14

Butterflies that appear on a wall after you speak, and retro 1980s gadgets are among the things on display at the Digital Revolution exhibition