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Sennheiser RS 160 vs. Philips Fidelio M1BT 17.12.13

Music lovers don´t find it difficult to start an argument. Did Stephane Grappelli ruin the purity of Django Reinhardt´s guitar playing? Is the technical ability of Eddie van Halen any substitute for the raw intuition of Jimi Hendrix? Did the political backdrop of punk detract from the musical reality?

The History of Sennheiser 20.11.13

The world of sound is always evolving. Year on year, we see huge changes in the devices people use to listen to music as well as in the music itself. The digital age has brought with it a whole new realm of possibilities, providing us access to music from a range of new sources. The introduction of new technologies often drives us to look back at its history with the hope of being able to contextualise the cutting edge. A quick look at the history of one of today´s foremost headphone manufacturers – Sennheiser – can help us understand the speed with which new technologies have progressed. The technologies which we take for granted today, such as noise-cancelling, wireless headphones, are a long way from the products first conceived by Sennheiser when they were established in the weeks following the end of the Second World War. Here, we take a look at how Sennheiser – and its outstanding product range – developed over time from these humble beginnings.

Sennheiser Headphones that Make a Statement 6.11.13

In recent times, headphones have become more of a fashion accessory than just a simple piece of audio equipment. We use them to create a sound bubble around us and to enjoy our most favourite songs, games, movies and audiobooks. Still, wearing a great pair of headphones is more than just the sound that they deliver to our ears. If you want some headphones that make a statement, you need to pick a pair that is also designed nicely. From this point of view, the following Sennheiser in-ear headphones hit all the marks, as they have a pleasant design, but more importantly, they produce a clear and crisp sound.