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Amplify your home entertainment with the new Sonos Beam 27.6.18

If you want the immense surround-sound quality of a sound bar without the hefty price tag, check out the Sonos Beam…

TV sound, accessories & streaming
What home cinema set up is right for me? 30.4.18

Sofa-bound for the summer of football? Beef up your TV speakers for the big stadium atmosphere at home…

Enjoy the festival experience at home 28.4.18

Want to bring an endless summer of music to the comfort of your home? Here’s our how-to guide…

TV sound, accessories & streaming
Home cinema or sound bar – which is right for me? 12.4.18

Looking forward to the summer of football? You don’t need a ticket to be there – create the big stadium atmosphere at home with a sound bar and wireless speakers…

TV sound, accessories & streaming
What is a soundbar? 28.4.17

Amplify your TV’s sound without breaking a sweat with a simple soundbar…

Sonos PLAYBASE: The sound solution for TVs on stands 13.3.17

Want better sound from your TV? The Sonos PLAYBASE is perfect for TVs that sit on stands and furniture…

TV & Gaming
Save money on nights out with TV tech to suit every budget 30.1.17

Going to the cinema is expensive. Bring movie-nights home with tech to suit all budgets….

Take music to the next level with high-resolution audio 18.1.16

From better-than-CD-quality streaming to portable speakers with spacious sound – we’re across the latest trends in home audio…

TV sound, accessories & streaming
3 reasons why JVCs new soundbars are great 12.6.15

If you’re looking for the best viewing experience for your favourite shows and movies, it’s important to consider the quality of the audio as well as the picture. JVC’s new soundbars are simple to use and provide great sound quality that matches their stylish design.

TV sound, accessories & streaming
How to pump up your TV´s sound ahead of the festival season 29.4.15

Whether you are heading to a festival this year and want to re-live the memories at home, or you are going to be watching from the comfort of your sofa, here’s how to pump up your TV’s sound to feel as though you’re there.


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