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Washing machines & cleaning
Which Bosch washing machine is right for you? 4.7.18

Bosch have designed a washing machine for every family, whether you prioritise sustainability, easy use or cutting-edge features.

Washing machines & cleaning
What is VarioPerfect™? 4.7.18

We all dread piles of laundry. Thankfully Bosch's VarioPerfect™ feature offers quick and eco-friendly washing for your family.

Kitchen & Home
How to choose your first kitchen appliances 20.1.18

Kitting out your first kitchen? Here's what you need to look out for when choosing your first appliances

Washing machines & cleaning
5 things to think about before buying a new washing machine 19.1.18

What size drum do I need? Are muddy stains an everyday occurrence? Do I crave laundry days as quiet as a humming fridge? You washing machine questions answered…

Kitchen & Home
Beat the A to Z of stains with Hotpoint 3.11.17

Wine, tan oil – even egg. Remove 40 different stains with Hotpoint washing machine technology…

Kitchen & Home
Introducing the new Samsung QuickDrive™ washing machine 1.9.17

The future of laundry has landed. Take the stress out of wash days with the ground-breaking Samsung QuickDrive™, which speeds through your washing in double-quick time…

Washing machines & cleaning
Make laundry days less of a headache with Samsung AddWash™ 18.7.17

Losing control of your laundry basket? Show it who’s boss with a machine that tackles forgotten T-shirts and socks.

Washing machines & cleaning
Washing machine capacity guide 13.7.17

Is it a good idea to sneak that extra shirt or PE kit into the wash? Don’t risk a laundry let-down, see what size washing machine you need with our guide.


Washing machines & cleaning
How to clean a washing machine 13.7.17

Washing machine lost its sparkle? Reach for the white vinegar and toothbrush with our guide to cleaning your washing machine.Washing Machine

Washing machines & cleaning
Why you should consider a new washing machine now 12.7.17

Family life is stressful enough without an unreliable washing machine giving you laundry nightmares. Upgrade to a new model and you won’t look back…


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