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Everything you need to know about your game controller 16 November 2018

ps4 controller

Want to get the most out of your console controller? Our guide reveals little-known tips and tricks.

5 VR headsets to suit every budget 08 November 2018

Stepping into the world of virtual reality doesn’t have to cost the earth. Get exploring with VR, whatever your budget…

TV & Gaming
Smart TV, media streamer or both? 08 November 2018

Netflix has transformed TV. But what’s the best way to stream it to your tele - Smart TV or streaming stick? We investigate…

TV & Gaming
Which VR headset is right for me? 07 November 2018

VR headsets are the must-have gift for tech types this year. But which one should you choose?

TV sound, accessories & streaming
Beat Christmas boredom with TV streaming 06 November 2018

With hundreds of channels and services at your fingertips, TV streaming makes arguing over what to watch at Christmas a thing of the past...

TV sound, accessories & streaming
Which media streamer is right for you? 06 November 2018

We look at the Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire and Nvidia Shield to help you decide which media streamer is right for you...

Everything you need to know about the Nintendo Switch 06 November 2018

Still undecided on getting a Switch? Here’s what you need to know.

TV sound, accessories & streaming
How to avoid Christmas party disasters 06 November 2018

From music fails to awful lighting, here’s how to avoid a disaster this Christmas party season…

Here are ten destinations that would make wonderful open world games 05 November 2018

Open world games take us to evocative locations, but parts of the world regularly get overlooked. We take a closer look.

Find your TV sweet spot with our Best Seat in the House graphic 31 October 2018

The Christmas Special season is upon us – and you’ve got a host of relatives and kids to entertain…


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