EGX 2016: PlayStation VR, HP Omen, Little Nightmares and more…

The greatest UK gaming event is at the NEC Birmingham. Find out what's hot at EGX 2016...

23 Sep 2016


Love games? Get yourself down to the Birmingham NEC – this weekend sees the hottest new hardware and the greatest new games on display at EGX 2016, the UK’s biggest gaming show.


There are hundreds of games to get hands on with, exclusive sneak peeks at new titles and even classic retro games to give you a blast from the past. That’s not all, though. You’ll find cosplay competitions, pro gaming demonstrations, presentations on the future of gaming and enough merch to keep you kitted out well into next year. You could easily spend the entire weekend at EGX and not get bored.


So, with so much to see, what were our picks of the show?


Sony PlayStation VR


With an impressively huge stand, Sony are really making their presence felt at EGX. With the new PlayStation Pro on display, you’ll also be able to get up close and personal with Horizon: Zero Dawn and Gran Turismo Sport in their own dedicated areas.


But the real buzz is for the PlayStation VR booths. Sony is showing of lots of games and demos here, including Battlezone, Farpoint, Resident Evil and more.


We were lucky enough to get hands-on with the kit, playing a level of the visually stunning Battlezone. This was a great game to test in VR, as the glowing neon visuals make you feel as if you’ve been pulled into a Tron-like virtual world. The headset is smooth to use and feels pretty light once it’s on and working. If you’ve been looking enviously at PC gamers and the HTC Vive, this is a great alternative and we’re really excited to see what Sony has in store. At the moment, they’re promising over 50 games for Playstation VR in 2016 alone.


HP Omen and Gfinity


Leading eSports organisation Gfinity are hosting pro-level Counter Strike: Global Offensive games throughout this year’s EGX. This is your chance to see some of the greatest players competing for an impressive $100,000 prize.


For serious gaming, serious PCs are required, which is why Gfinity have brought in HP’s amazing Omen machines for the best quality gameplay possible. HP are on hand with laptops and desktops from across the Omen range, but it’s the top-of-the-range Omen X that really wowed us. This gorgeous, glowing, cube of power is designed to offer all the customisation and easy upgradability a pro gamer needs. We were left with serious system envy after being shown this beautiful bit of kit, so do make sure you check it out.


Little Nightmares


Every year at EGX there’s one stall that blows us away with its clever concept. This year, Little Nightmares is our pick of the show. The stand is arranged like a level from the game itself, with two hideous chefs hard at work within a kitchen, while our petite heroine tries to sneak past them, maybe even grabbing something from under there noses before they chase her away. You might even meet up with her as you queue to try the game out – be nice and she might give you a little treat.


The game itself looks like it could be a new classic. It’s a tense combination of 3D platforming and stealth, as you guide a yellow coat wearing little girl through a series of dangerous rooms. All the while you need to distract and evade huge enemies who’d like nothing better than to capture you.


While the game may look a bit like a Tim Burton cartoon, gameplay is often tense and creepy so the gothic horror vibe may mean this isn’t one you play with the whole family. The final version of the game will hit in 2017, and we’re looking forwards to playing it huddled beneath a blanket with the lights out.


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