ET named Brits’ favourite childhood film – but what’s yours?

We take a look at our favourite films and dialogue as revealed in a new poll, as well as Samsung technology designed to help us find what we want to watch on our smart TVS

06 Aug 2013


We all love settling down in front of our HD TV with the family to watch a movie - it allows us to relax and escape the rat race for a couple of much-cherished hours. 

Family Watching TV

But what's your all-time favourite childhood flick, and which iconic line of dialogue can you never dislodge from your head?

Samsung has answered these questions and more in a new poll which found ET the Extra-Terrestrial is our favourite childhood movie of all time.

What's more, the decade in which it was made - the 1980s - has been voted the best decade for films.
ET was followed by Bambi, The Goonies, The Lion King and Toy Story.


The survey found for three out of four people, relaxation and escapism were the reasons they gave for watching movies two to four times per month on average.

So, we love watching films. But with The Goonies and ET appearing in the top five childhood movies, and Dirty Dancing's "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner" being the third most popular line of dialogue, it appears we really love watching older films.

Old films transport me back to childhood - how about you?
So what is it about older movies that send us weak at the knees? I don't know about you, but for me nostalgia is a big factor.

Work, shopping and looking after the house make modern life a busy affair. It can be easy to forget the way we used to be, before adult life took hold.

Hearing a line from a favourite song of the time, or watching a TV programme I once enjoyed with my parents is enough to take me back to when I was still rocking a bowl cut and a Turtles T-shirt.

Of course, this also applies to the movies. I was born in 1982, so whenever I see a clip of Chunk doing the truffle shuffle I'm transported back to my parents' bungalow where - sat in my pyjamas and scoffing a bourbon cream - the only worry I had was working out how to dodge the bedtime police.

In short, films remind us of simpler, less complicated times, of favourite people and places.
This is one of the reasons I enjoy older movies, but what about you?

Ever struggle to find a decent film to watch?
The OnePoll survey of 1,500 people found our favourite genres are action/adventure followed by comedy, sci-fi, romance and horror.

We know the type of films we want to watch, but sniffing out new examples of the genre can be difficult. The survey found more than a third of us use trial and error to decide what films to watch - we're clearly in need of a little help.

Confused Face2

Thankfully Samsung's S Recommendation technology, the launch of which the survey coincided with, can offer a little assistance.

The technology is a new feature on Samsung smart TVs, and it suggests programmes and films for you to watch based on what you've watched before.

It helps find movies you like - and with one in three people saying they'd watch more films if they were easier to find there could be a rise in movie nights in the coming months.

S Recommendation is available on TVs such as the Samsung F8000 smart TV, and if you want to learn more about it read our guide to Samsung smart TV features, and check out the video below.

Of course there are some films we never have difficulty deciding upon; those we watch time and time again.

The survey found the Shawshank Redemption was the film we'd most like to see again, followed by any Harry Potter movie and any Star Wars film.

Here's looking at you, kid - films stay favourites for life
We carry our favourite films throughout our life, and although we changes cities, jobs, partners - favourite films often stay the same.

But what makes a film favourite? There are many reasons: actors, plot, period. Another is dialogue.
When you get talking about a favourite movie you'll often recite a few of your favourite scenes to get across your point.

What are our favourite lines of all time though?
The poll found number one is "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn", from Gone with the Wind, followed by "Go Ahead: Make My Day", from Dirty Harry.

But, as this survey shows, when it comes to films we certainly do give a damn. And so does Samsung, with its S Recommendation set to go ahead and make our day when it comes to finding films on our smart TVs in the future.
Here's looking at you, kid.