Eye-popping HDR TVs and Hollywood-approved cameras - Sony at CES

06 Jan 2016


HDR TVs with greater contrast and colour, a camera that 'changed' the life of a Hollywood filmmaker and a new 4K UHD streaming service – welcome to Sony at CES.

Sony showed off some seriously cool TVs, cameras, camcorders and audio tech – read on for our favourite bits.

 (credit: Associated Press)

HDR – the new TV buzzword

Where last year’s CES was all about 4K, CES 2016 is all about HDR. It stands for high dynamic range, and it's a main feature of new 4K UHD TVs – it’s not a case of 4K or HDR.

What’s so great about it? It gives you greater contrast (deeper blacks) and more vibrant colours. Rather than creating more pixels, it improves the quality of existing pixels.

TVs carrying an Ultra HD Premium sticker will have met standards set out by the UHD Alliance regarding HDR, 4K and other things, to help people understand which TVs will give them the best Ultra HD experience.

Sony launched a number of TVs with HDR.

These include the flagship X93D which boosts peak brightness and black levels more precisely and enhances contrast levels. It also has an extremely thin bezel, creating a borderless picture that sits so close to the wall it virtually disappears into it,’ according to Sony boss Mike Fasulo.


Create your own 4K content with Sony’s new camcorder

(credit: Associated Press)

The saying used to go ‘where’s all the 4K content?’ There’s actually quite a bit around now. But that shouldn’t stop you creating your own if you’re the creative type.

‘Click then post; film, edit then share – photography and filmmaking have become a social experience,’ says Sony.

To that end Sony launched its new 4K Handycam camcorder at CES, which updates last year’s model.

How’s it better? It gets a new Zeiss 20x zoom lens and a bigger CMOS sensor. The result ‘reduced noise and improved image quality, especially in low-light conditions – even candlelight,’ according to Sony’s Fasulo.


…or watch Sony’s new 4K streaming service

Sony has joined the likes of Netflix and Amazon by creating its own 4K UHD streaming service – called Ultra. The app will run on Sony’s HDR TVs and will let you stream movies from Sony Pictures’ back catalogue.


A Sony camera that has ‘changed’ this Hollywood director’s life

Hollywood film director Glenn Gainor (Friends With Benefits) talked about his experiences with Sony’s A7 MK2 digital camera. An avid personal photographer, Gainor called the camera his ‘best friend’.

But what did he like about it? Its performance in low-light conditions, for one thing.

‘I have taken photos in areas that were not achievable,’ he says, explaining how with the A7 he doesn’t need a flash and ‘all this light’.

Family photos were shown off – an empty bedroom, travels in Mumbai. All in low-light, and they looked pretty amazing.

‘The dynamic range is amazing,’ Gainor says. ‘There’s detail where there’s no light and there’s ‘detail where there’s extreme light’.


Hi-Res Audio is here to stay

You can enjoy better-than-CD quality digital music with Hi-Res Audio technology and audio files.

Sony has been a pioneer of the technology over the past could of years, and it says ‘desire for higher quality sound has only grown’ adding that ‘quality of sound increasingly matters to the music fan’.

Naturally it unveiled new Hi-Res Audio products, including the world’s smallest portable hi-res speaker and 2 pairs of headphones – all of which can stream high-res audio wirelessly. All products are part of Sony’s h.ear range.

‘Hi-res audio is here and it’s here now,’ says Fasulo.

‘It’s not about turning up the volume it’s about dialling up the sound quality.’

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