#FootyFibs champ is announced and first glimpse of the refs tech line up!

10 Jun 2014


Our #FootyFibs competition ended on Friday and we have revealed the winner! Head over to the holy grail of excuses to find out who our champion was! There you'll find a whole host of other fantastic fibs on the #FootyFibs Facebook app po.st/8U0d3l

Throughout the competition we have had our fantastic refs passing their judgements and deciding who ultimately made it into the #FootyFibs Hall of Fame.  

Our refs have also been busy passing judgement on some of the fantastic kit that is available from Currys PC World for the World Cup. Here are some of this week's highlights.

Ali Cohen had his own unique view (as always) on exactly what you need to know about 4K TVs, with plenty of laughs along the way whilst he chatted about Built-In apps, split screens, voice commands and programme wars with his flatmate!

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Adam from MrThaiBox123 shared his excitement at receiving his absolutely incredible Samsung 8500 UHD 4K curved TV

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As you can see from his Instagram post http://instagram.com/p/oVlkx0PYF8/# it was a pretty great tech line up that also included a Google Chromecast, Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet and Samsung HW-H550 soundbar. His fans were also delighted as they dined out the images most having a full on 'nerdgasm'.

Adam Matthews 2

Finally, Dave from Geekanoids gave a great in depth review of features to understand and consider when choosing your next television and pointed out what we all already know that size is VERY important.

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There will be plenty more pics, videos and inside tips from our refs in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for some top tips on TV's and other technology for the great summer of football ahead of us.

You can check out all of our refs here: