#FootyFibs Roundup

#FootyFibs warms up to knockout stages

On the 1st of May we kicked off the fantastic #FootyFibs competition with some help from some very exciting referees. Our 11 referees will be keeping a close eye on the competition and will be selecting the best of the best to carry through their fibs to the knockout competition for the chance to win prizes to set you up for a summer of TV! You can follow this fibs progress here - https://www.facebook.com/curryspcworld/app_520382788071290

Our referees have already been firing up about #FootyFibs




Dave Cryer of Geekanoids has been leaking out some exciting hints to what is to come with #FootyFibs. You can watch it all here :



Adam Matthews or Mr ThaiBox as you may know him reveals his unboxing of the #FootyFibs referee pack in a Vine here:


Leila from Girls and Gadgets couldn't contain her excitement after receiving her Referee pack!


Make sure to keep an eye out for the exciting reveals and all things #FootyFibs from our referees! And of course, an eye on the #FootyFibs https://www.facebook.com/curryspcworld/app_520382788071290

Here's the list of our 11 referees so you can keep a close eye on them!