Forget Netflix and Chill: here are the top TV terms you need to know from 2017

From "mansurfing" to "phantom flixers", here are the new terms you'll want to add to your TV vocabulary.

01 Nov 2017


Hate it when your partner hogs the remote? Or when your mate cheekily uses your Netflix account for months on end after you logged in on their laptop once? Whichever TV habit annoys you the most, chances are we’ve got a word for it in our list of new terms that reflect how Great Britain really watches TV these days.

In partnership with JVC, we polled over 2,000 Brits online to find out how catch-up TV is revolutionising the way we consume our favourite shows, and leading to all sorts of new TV viewing pet-peeves.

Using the survey results, we’ve created a list of new terms that could soon be replacing the likes of ‘Netflix and Chill’. Here are Great Britain’s seven most annoying TV habits, definitively ranked, along with the corresponding terms that every binge-watcher should know.

1. Overnight Flexpert – Thinking you’re an expert on a topic after watching one Netflix programme about it.

2. Netfickle – Not giving a new series a chance beyond about five minutes of watching it.

3. Mansurfing – When men assume the remote control is their exclusive property.

4. Rage Against the Screen – Someone who becomes so involved in a series they shout at the characters on screen.

5. Serial Relationship – Having an entire relationship with a co-worker or friend which revolves around discussing a TV series you’re both watching.

6. Prime and Prejudice – When someone automatically assumes one streaming service is better than another.

7. Phantom Flixer – When someone continues to use your on-demand streaming service account for months after you gave them permission to use your account once.


Get disappointed when your favourite show is cancelled, or love binge-watching Netflix series on your way to work? Then you’ll probably be able to relate to these other TV terms:


Netflix and Swill – When you periodically cleanse yourself with regular terrestrial TV during a Netflix binge.


Cancelitis - That empty feeling you get when you realise your favourite show or series hasn’t been renewed for another series, or even worse, cancelled halfway through.


One Stream Wonder – When a series starts really well, but nose-dives by the second episode.


Boulevard of Broken Streams - That feeling you get when your stream goes down.


TTFL – TV time for Londoners who like to catch-up on their favourite shows during the commute to and from work. 


The top TV pet peeves for men and women

Ever suspected that men and women have different pet peeves when it comes to watching TV? Then you’d be right. Unsurprisingly, our research found that females tend to think ‘mansurfing’ – the tendency for men to hog the remote - is the most annoying TV habit. Guys, on the other hand, are most likely to get wound up by ‘overnight flexperts’ i.e. people who think they know everything on a topic after watching one TV show.

The survey also revealed that women are more likely to bulk-watch TV series than men, and experience ‘cancelitis’ – that sad feeling you get when your favourite show isn’t renewed for another series.

How we compiled the data

We surveyed 2,035 Brits in our research into the nation’s viewing habits, and asked questions on everything from the number of hours spent watching catch-up TV, to respondents’ most annoying TV habits. The numbers were crunched and the data analysed to reveal fascinating insights into the UK’s changing behaviour when it comes to watching TV.

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