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3 ways to make online gaming safe for your child 15 August 2018

Give your kids the freedom to game safely with these top tips…

Xbox One backwards compatibility explained (and what does the PS4 offer?) 14 August 2018

Everything you need to know about getting your old games up and running…

5 VR headsets to suit every budget 30 July 2018

Stepping into the world of virtual reality doesn’t have to cost the earth. Now you can enjoy VR whatever your budget is.

What is Nintendo Labo? 11 June 2018

Here’s all you need to know about Nintendo’s most imaginative plaything to date.

What is PlayStation VR? Everything you need to know 24 April 2018

Take your first steps into the virtual gaming world with the PlayStation VR. Here’s everything you need to know…

Which gaming PC is right for you? 17 April 2018

Slick PC games are power-hungry, and demand a certain type of computer with plenty of oomph. Check out our top gaming PCs for every budget…

8 reasons to choose a gaming PC 15 April 2018

Compatible with most consoles and super powerful, gaming PCs make a great choice for gamers. Here are 8 reasons to choose a gaming PC…

4 accessories to take your PC gaming to the next level 11 April 2018

Be a games master with our top gaming accessories. The headsets, steering wheels and keyboards to give you ultimate control, comfort and sound experience…

Hands on with the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB Gaming Keyboard 12 March 2018

We try out HyperX's colourful new gaming keyboard to see if it's as good as it looks.

Hands on with HyperX CLOUD Flight Wireless Gaming Headset 08 January 2018

Invest in one, and you won’t need a cinema-sized screen to feel part of the action. We got hands-on with the HyperX CLOUD Flight Wireless Gaming Headset.


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