6 cool features of the Xbox Summer Update

Xbox Summer Update: What’s new? Cortana, Windows 10 integration and more

05 Aug 2016



Credit: Xbox

1. Cortana comes to Xbox One

Cortana is the digital assistant that’s baked into Windows 10. It makes it easy for you to send emails and texts, set reminders, and find things on your computer. It can recognise your voice (if you have a built-in mic) or typing on your keyboard. Now it is coming to your Xbox One. This means you no longer need Kinect for voice control.

Use Cortana to:

  • Search for new games in Xbox Store
  • Switch on your Xbox
  • Enjoy more voice commands and greater accuracy
  • Check in with your friends on Xbox Live

Don’t forget to say ‘Hey, Cortana’ before you ask it something…

The arrival of Cortana for Xbox further strengthens the bond between Xbox One and Windows 10 laptops and PCs.


2. Xbox Store and Windows Store come together

Windows 10 is all about giving you the same unified experience on your various devices – including your Xbox One. So it makes sense that the Xbox Store and Windows Store are being brought together.

So whether you’re playing on Xbox One or Windows 10 laptop, you can get what you need in the same place. This is enabling the new Xbox Play Anywhere. When you buy a compatible digital game your Xbox One you’ll also get Windows 10 version for your PC or laptop at no extra cost.

What is Xbox Play Anywhere?

Xbox gamers could already stream games from their Xbox One to Windows 10 PCs or laptops in their home. Now these latest changes offer even more compelling reasons for Xbox gamers to use a Windows 10 computer.


3. Play Xbox while listening to tunes

For some gamers a soundtrack is essential to their session – whether heavy metal or pounding techno. This used to mean running music in the fiddly snap mode which allowed you to run another app while you played a game. Music gets much easier with the built-in Pandora online radio. Find what you want to listen to with the Pandora app then start your game and the music plays in the background.


4. Plug your Xbox One into Facebook

Love it or loathe it, Facebook has changed the way we talk to our friends. Now the social media giant is being plugged into Xbox One making it easy for you to find your gaming friends. After a simple set up you can log into Facebook directly from your Xbox One using your gamertag to find who is playing and who isn’t.


5. High-quality gameplay capture coming to Xbox One

The ability to record and share your own gameplay is a major feature of Xbox One – known as Game DVR. With it, gamers record themselves taking superb free-kicks or pulling off amazing moves by simply saying ‘Xbox, snap Game DVR’.

If the trick had already happened you can also capture the previous 30 seconds of gameplay by saying ‘Xbox, record that’. These clips are then shared online with your gaming pals for bragging rights. Now those video clips will look even sharper with new better-quality video at 60 fps (frames per second). Xbox is making it easier for you to share your gameplay clips too.


6. World of Warcraft gets full-screen Windows Game Bar

When playing Windows 10 games you use the Game Bar to record your gameplay. It’s accessed and controlled using keyboard shortcuts such as Windows + G.

Now popular games like World of Warcraft, Battlefield 4 and League of Legends are getting full-screen Game Bar support. This means you can record footage of your gameplay while playing in full-screen mode.