CES 2014: PlayStation games to be played without console through smart TV

Love gaming? Play PlayStation games without a console through your Sony smart TV in CES 2014 announcement

08 Jan 2014


The idea of playing a video game without owning the console on which it runs may sound absurd. But that's exactly what we'll soon be able to do with PlayStation games, Sony has announced.

PS4 Controller

The cloud gaming service, called 'PlayStation Now', was announced at the International CES in Las Vegas and means people will eventually be able to stream PlayStation games through their Sony smart TV.

The move means people will be able to play games without actually owning a PlayStation console. With the PlayStation Now service - announced by PlayStation chief executive Andrew House - games can be streamed from the internet.

Play PlayStation games on your smart TV 

Sony's 2014 smart TVs will be among the first devices to support the move, once it's been rolled out across the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita consoles. So people with a PS4 will be able to use it to stream PS3 games - something hitherto not possible.

PlayStation Now

Eventually the service will be available on non-Sony products, meaning people will be able to stream games via their tablets and other internet-connected devices.

Always play most up to date version of game 

It was also revealed that people will also have access top the most up to date version of the game they're streaming.

Because it's in the cloud, games can also be saved on one device and picked up on the next - no more frustration over breaking off mid-gaming session.


The service will be launched in the US this summer.

Sony also revealed it had sold 4.2 million PS4 consoles since December 28. Phewf. 

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