Fable Legends Preview

Fable Legends doesn´t have a release date yet, but we managed to get a taster of the co op campaign over the week at Eurogamer Expo. We weren´t disappointed.

Fable Legends 

Fable Legends, the fifth title in the Xbox Exclusive series, is also the first in the series to not be led by Peter Molyneux.  Although one of our much loved series, Fable games often fall short of expectation and have, in previous years, left us a little disappointed.   With an almost entirely new dev team on-board at Lionhead, will Fable Legends right the wrongs of the past?     

Legends will consist of one main campaign which can be played through independently, with 3 NPC heroes at your side, or online co-operatively with 3 friends, and will only be available on Xbox One.  We managed to get our hands on the co-op offering, and here are our thoughts. 


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Demo verdict 

There were four playable co-op Heroes on offer in the Fable Legends demo; 'Rook', the ranged crossbow specialist,' Winter', the mage, 'Inga', the  Shieldmaiden warrior, and 'Sterling' the savvy swordsman, who band together to defeat 'The Villain' who is controlled by a fifth player. 

We had the pleasure of playing as the Rook and quickly got to grips with the controls.  We found aiming a little fiddly when down the sights of the crossbow, but we often find that this can usually be improved by tweaking the sensitivity.  By the end of the demo though, we were picking off those pesky bomb hurling goblins with ease.


 On the flip side to Team Hero, a fifth player takes on the role of The Villain in a top down affair.  The Villain has to place enemies, traps, gates, bombs and more onto the map in an attempt to thwart the Heroes' progress and eventual (here's hoping) victory.     

Villain 2

Environments were beautifully vibrant, well textured, and felt like a natural evolution of the Fable aesthetic from last gen to current gen consoles.  The characters were thoughtful and well designed, and they definitely exuded personality, whether it was through their stance,  their speech, or they way they move; all of which added to the immersion.  


The demo left us with high hopes for Fable Legends, and we sincerely hope Lionhead deliver on the finished product.  We also won a cape for being the best player in the team, just sayin'. 


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