Gamescom 2016 round-up: the latest gaming tech revealed

Gamescom, Europe’s answer to America’s E3 game conference, is well and truly underway. With press day now behind us, we’ve rounded up the biggest announcements that you need to know about.

Credit: AP


18 Aug 2016



HP might not be renowned for its gaming PCs, but the OMEN X is here to change that. The glowing cube looks like a thing of science fiction, tilted on a 45-degree angle for all-round easy access to ports and internals.

Inside there’s three independently cooled chambers, making sure you won’t be slowed down mid-play. One chamber houses no less than four external hard drives, another contains the processors, and the third is home to the power supply.

It’s not all just good looks, however - it’s raw power, too. With a 6th gen Intel i7 chip running the show, and a very generous serving of RAM at 16GB, this desktop PC will have no problem serving up smooth 4K and virtual reality gameplay.  


Credit: HP


HP OMEN backpack PC

Speaking of VR, HP has also unveiled a super-powered PC that you wear on your back while you play. Although it’s just a prototype at the moment, the Ghostbusters-esque pack will let you enjoy the likes of HTC Vive without having to worry about tripping over wires. 

The backpack is essentially a stripped down version of the full-scale OMEN X desktop version, lasting around an hour on a single charge. A release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it’s certainly one to keep an eye on.


Credit: HP


Xbox One S

Microsoft has finally confirmed the much-anticipated Xbox One S. The refreshed console is 40% smaller than its predecessor, boasts up to 2TB storage, and it 4K ready – perfect for Netflix and Amazon Prime.

It’s expected from 22 September, with a FIFA 17 bundle most likely to accompany it.


Credit: Xbox


Oculus Touch

Oculus Rift is without doubt one of the most exciting VR names on the market at the moment, but that accolade hasn’t caused the Facebook-owned company to rest on its laurels. Oculus Touch introduces a new level of gameplay, with ergonomic handheld controllers now joining the visual headset.

Credit: Oculus


Best gaming trailers

Although the above hardware is all very exciting, a range of upcoming game trailers also made their debut today. Here a couple of our favourites to whet your appetite.


FIFA 17 

FIFA fans, the wait is over. The next instalment of EA’s top footie title is on its way, and it looks even better than we could have hoped. 

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

In this CoD trailer we’re treated to a glimpse of Zombies in Spaceland, a bonus mode that will come with Infinite Warfare. It looks to take a far less serious approach to the first person shooter, with a cameo from none other than David Hasselhoff.

Tekken 7

The classic beat ‘em up title is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC at the beginning of next year. Here’s to another year of hopeless button bashing.

PES 2017

The good news doesn’t stop with FIFA 17 for football fanatics, with Pro Evo 2017 showing off a trailer, too. Fresh license deals with Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund will bring new strips and stadiums to the franchise, and gameplay looks better than ever.  


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