Has technology become a fashion statement?

21 Sep 2011


London Fashion Week sees some of the world's top models flaunting the trendiest and most expensive gear on the catwalk.

Models on the catwalk… but wouldn't they more stylish with iPhones?

Fashion experts fly in from loads of destinations to advise why this look will be dominating the shops for the season ahead, even though I'm pretty sure I've never seen anyone wear a silver foil toga…

While I wouldn't call myself a dedicated follower of fashion in a clothing sense, I've always found myself to be right on the curve when it comes to the latest tech and gadgets.

But can the mobile phones in our pockets and laptops on the tables in front of us be considered something more than just loyal pieces of technology - are they now fashion statements as well?

Take a look at the next stylish person you see walking down the street on the phone. I bet they're not clutching a retro Nokia 3210 to their ear. It's probably an Apple iPhone 4, or a clever Android device with curves that bring out the best in their hands…

If it's not the shiniest new phone that we can find, then it's the coolest-looking tablet on the go. Now be honest, how many of us meticulously check the spec to find out which gadget is the best? If they're halfway similar then I reckon most people would just go for the one that looks best.

Having the thinnest laptop on the market is awesome and it's not just because you really need that extra inch of space it provides over regular versions. It's all part of the image and if you're seen to have a laptop so thin it has a 'wow factor', that's as good as any trendy shirt.

However, many gadgets aren't always on show, so you could argue that they don't make the same fashion statement as a cashmere scarf. Real people rarely stroll around town with their mp3 player held aloft, and your mobile phone tends to spend most of its time in your pocket.

Added to that, gadgets still have to be among the best for our budget before we take appearance into account. If it looks good but doesn't do the job, that's just not cool.

So what does the future hold for trendy technology? It does seem the fashion in recent years has been to go smaller and thinner, but there will come a point where the limit is reached.

Perhaps we'll all be after gold plated laptops next, or demand our televisions come with corners in the style of flared-jeans. On the other hand, maybe not.

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