How to find the perfect gift for a gamer this Christmas

Want to find the perfect gift for your friend or relative who games? Read our guide to find the best gaming gift this season…

Perhaps you don’t want to spoil the surprise by asking what they want for Christmas.

But it’s difficult to know what to buy for a gaming fanatic if you’re not one yourself – there’s just so many different types of platforms and games available.

Christmas gaming

Here we help you find the latest, most exciting gaming gifts.

Before buying for a gamer, consider their:

  • Current devices or consoles: Whether Xbox, PlayStation or PC, you need to consider the compatibility of your gift. Do they need an upgrade?
  • Game preferences: What games do they love to play? What could you get to enhance that experience?

Gaming technology is constantly advancing, so it’s likely a console update would be appreciated. Gamers do love the latest tech – maybe it’s worth considering the latest and most sophisticated console on the market…


Xbox One X

Who to buy for? The ultimate gamer who has been dying to get their hands on the latest Xbox xbox one x Christmas

40% more powerful than any other console – the new Xbox boasts the most detailed graphics of any gaming console, and swift loading times. It’s a more realistic experience thanks to ultra 4K graphics, spatial audio and HDR visuals, which culminate to produce one of the most ‘life-like’ gaming experiences to date.

You can expect…

  • To be submerged into a world of amazing graphics and sound – with 4K ultra HD and spatial audio
  • Smoother gameplay because of the enhanced details and faster processor
  • Quick load times keeps the game moving
  • Build bigger and more detailed worlds with the huge memory and power capabilities
  • A compact console – the smallest Xbox has ever made!
  • Advanced multiplayer network – servers maximise performance to ensure stability, speed and reliability
  • Cool and quiet performance – using advanced liquid cooling and a supercharger-style fan 

Compatible with all Xbox One accessories.

Get the Xbox One X


Perhaps a cool gadget is more what you’re looking for. Here are two options that will whisk your gamer friend or relative off their feet…

Logitech Driving Force G29 Wheel and gearstick bundle

Who to buy for? The wannabe Fast and Furious driver, who always wants to tear up the track

Logitech driving force g29

The G29 racing wheel and gearstick bundle is built for the ultimate racing game experience. It’s the definitive racing simulation package – enhance your driving games on the PC and PlayStation 3 and 4.

Strap-in to experience…

  • Every turn in the road with the powerful feedback mechanism – accurately simulating traction loss, weight shift and drifting
  • Realistic wheel turning – lock-to-lock rotation between 2.5 turns of smooth and quiet steering
  • Maximum control for ultra-responsive gameplay – precise responses with tight wheels and pedals that reduce unwanted noise and vibration - Includes anti-backlash
  • Smooth gear transitions allow you to maintain acceleration as you shift – for tight hairpin turns and high-speed corners
  • Minimal wobble during manoeuvres – built in clamps securely attach to a table or driving rig

Get the Driving Force G29


This next gadget is a little bit different – made to work with smartphone apps, you don’t have to be a gamer to think that this gadget is out of this world…

Lenovo Star Wars: Jedi Challenges Augmented Reality headset

Who to buy for? The science fiction geek or Star Wars obsessed fan who dreams of becoming a JediLenovo star warsMay the force be with you as you become immersed in Star Wars augmented reality.

Put on the headset and pick up the lightsabre-controller to face your destiny through a range of exciting apps on your phone. Feel the force flow through you as the lightsabre-controller gives realistic feedback in the middle of a battle that will decide the fate of the universe 

Experience the galaxy as you…

  • Train as a force-sensitive apprentice – gaining knowledge to work your way into the Jedi Order
  • Wield a lightsabre in familiar Star Wars duels against the dark side to become a Jedi master
  • Spearhead an army of rebel forces in huge ground battles against the Galactic Empire
  • Conquer territories in intense matches of Holochess on the deck of the Millennium Falcon

Jedi apprentices can only use the Star Wars apps on compatible iOS and Android phones. 

Get the Star Wars AR headset


Not found what you’re looking for? We’ll help you get it right this Christmas