Keep your kids connected with Xbox gaming

When they can’t see their mates, they can still play with them

20 May 2020


Having the kids stuck in the house can be difficult for you and them. We all know how important play is to children. Not being able to play with their friends can be particularly frustrating.

Fortunately, there’s a solution (as ever) in tech. Xbox One isn’t just about the latest blockbusters. It’s an entertainment powerhouse packed with entertainment and apps for the whole family. It also has some fantastic games that your kids will love, that will keep them busy and will allow them to have fun with their besties.

There once was a time when some parents frowned upon gaming but, in the last generation or so, lots of us have become gamers. With the right time restrictions and parental guidance, gaming online can be a great outlet for your kids’ creativity and imagination. And a great incentive for them to keep their rooms tidy!

xbox live

How do I get them set up with an account?

First thing’s first. Setting up their account. You’ll obviously need an Xbox One and an Xbox Live account for this.

Next, you’ll want to add them as a family member. That way you can have some parental controls over what they’re playing, plus you can stop them from making any purchases. So:

  1. First set up a Microsoft account and password for them on your computer.
  2. On your Xbox, open the Guide menu by pressing down on the Xbox button.
  3. Go to settings.
  4. Under the Account section, select Family
  5. Select Add to Family and the New. Then you’ll sign in with their Microsoft credentials

Keeping your kids safe

Once set up, you’ll be able to change permissions to help keep your child safe. Xbox One lets you set time limits – so that your kids aren’t glued to the screen all day. Purchase management tools means you have to approve every purchase they make when online – meaning that you stay in control.

Content filters can be set to filter websites, games and apps to make sure they’re only experiencing what you think is appropriate for them. Plus, privacy settings can be adjusted to keep unwelcome strangers away.


Great Xbox games for kids

The next thing to think about is appropriate games. After all, you might not want them playing first person shooters like Call of Duty – but there are loads of games they will adore. Here are some great recommendations:

1. Roblox

This is a massively popular online game for young gamers. Roblox lets your kids collaborate with their friends to create huge online worlds. They can do almost anything – from designing a dream home to becoming a superhero.

If your child has a good imagination, they’ll love Roblox. They’ll also be able to chat with their friends. Plus, Roblox has content filters and parental controls built in, so you can rest assured that your kids will be playing safely.

2. Minecraft

This title has been around a long time for a reason – it’s a fantastic game. Like Roblox, it’s a world where you can build your own reality. But Minecraft is more like the ultimate tree house simulator. Your kids can work away with their friends to build their own den, village or city. And it all starts simple – gather resources to build what you want.

But in Minecraft, this can turn into an engineering project as kids can work together in groups to build roller coasters, bridges and even skyscrapers! The lesson in Minecraft is that hard work pays off. And because Minecraft has a number of different moderated servers, you can help them choose the one that seems age appropriate.

3. Fortnite

Another global phenomenon, Fortnite is a great multiplayer combat game that has a large social side where kids join teams with their friends and battle rivals. This is definitely one for older children (12 and up) since it involves combat that not all parents will be comfortable with. However, the combat is cartoonish and is in no way gory.

A great tip (if you’re not sure) is to give it a go yourself. For one thing, it’s a lot of fun and you might find yourself enjoying it far too much.

Then, if you decide that it’s harmless enough, it’s a good idea to let your young gamer play battles and campaigns with their friends. No one wants mum or dad hanging around!