New Facebook privacy settings could save our blushes

How many times has this been the story of your Sunday morning? You wake up with a sore head, usually on the sofa where you passed out the night before, and slowly begin to piece together what was your epic Saturday night.

The horror of checking your Facebook profile could soon be over

And then, just at the point when you think you’ve remembered everything that happened (and convinced yourself it wasn’t too embarrassing), you see that you’ve been tagged in a few photos on Facebook. And that’s not to mention the status updates you’ve been mentioned in…

Thankfully, Facebook has come to our rescue. It’s rolling out changes to its privacy settings over the next couple of days, so you’ll get to approve tags on photos, videos and posts before they appear on your wall.

Users will also be able to choose what is for public consumption and what is just for their friends with a simple dropdown menu, rather than going through the settings menu.

Get on the de-tag

You’ll also be able to request other users remove tags through Facebook, or even block all future tags from another user (should they persistently put up pictures of you not looking at your best!).

The changes should help to protect your privacy, but some people have argued they’re long overdue. Maybe it’s the presence of Google+ in the world of social media that has influenced Facebook to step up its privacy efforts – particularly after the circles idea that big G introduced proved to be such a winner.

Facebook has been pretty eager to point out it is just part of the natural progression of the social networking website.

“We’re always trying to improve, always doing user testing and always feeding in to improve the controls on who can see your content,” said Facebook vice president of product Chris Cox.

“The new dropdown menu will be expanding over time to include smaller groups of people you may want to share with, like co-workers, friend lists you’ve created, and groups you’re a member of. This will make it easy to quickly select exactly the audience you want for any post.”

Facebook’s new privacy settings will be introduced gradually from August 25, but they do sound like they could save us all some embarrassment. At least we will be able to check our notifications without that sense of dread following a big night out…

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