NEWS: 3D Content May Go Mainstream Soon

28 Apr 2011


Dixons1104261338591-1.jpgSatellite giant Sky is hoping that 3D technology would soon find its way to the mass market, boosted by an increase in the number of subscribers to its 3D TV channel.
Currently 70,000 viewers subscribe to the channel which offers sports, movies and entertainment in 3D.
Sky’s 3D offering has played a significant role in popularising the technology among people in the UK.
Having handed over his role as director of Sky 3D, Barry Lenz told TechRadar that he is pleased with the firm’s progress in the market so far.
He said: “It’s one thing to sit with something like 3D where we are going out and saying that we’re happy with 70,000 subscribers in the first quarter, but that’s because we believe that it will grow to a much bigger number for us.
“We tend to be a more mass market company which means we have to hit very high volumes with our products.
“Features for the sake of features are dangerous for us, if we’re not clear on where the value will come through.”