NEWS: Birdsong Apps ´Disturb Wildlife´

16 May 2011


Dixons1105161245331-1.jpgPhotographers using mobile phone applications to attract birds could be harming wildlife, according to experts.
There have been incidents of birdsong recorded on devices such as the iPhone being used to attract creatures such as Cetti’s warblers.
But employees at Attenborough Nature Centre, near Nottingham, have warned that this could distress nesting birds and even affect their young.
According to the wardens, the use of such “apps” during the breeding season may put the chicks at risk as adults try to ward off a non-existent threat.
People using applications containing bird calls to tempt the creatures towards cameras may face legal implications for the practice, wildlife officers have warned.
Photographers disturbing wildlife could be prosecuted under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.
Erin McDaid, of Notts Wildlife Trust, said: “We have had problems with people playing birdsong to draw birds out of the bushes to get a better view of them. It is the modern equivalent of a duck call.
“In some cases, we’ve had a number of people doing it at the same time. It puts the birds on the defensive and while they are defending their territory, they are not sat on their eggs.”