NEWS: BlackBerry PlayBook OS Updated

13 Jun 2011


Dixons1106131435365-1.jpgRIM has revealed a second update to the software that powers its new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, adding a variety of new features and enhancements such as a freshened Facebook app and in-app payments support.
Users who buy and activate a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet on or after June 7 will be automatically updated to the OS v1.0.5, while existing owners can download it in the coming days, according to the official RIM blog.
The first tablet-optimised Facebook app, which has been updated to include video uploading, message deletion, search enhancements and more, will come preloaded within BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.5.
Other features include an in-app payments system, ability to charge the tablet even when fully powered down, alerting the user if the wrong charger is being used, as well as a battery-level pop-up.
It will also support languages such as French, Italian, Dutch, German, Spanish, and UK English.
Other enhancements include video chat connectivity, automatic Wi-Fi hotspot detection, and the ability to add an extra level of volume to help maintain an enjoyable audio experience with your headset.