NEWS: LG Offers New ´Smart´ Technology

10 Jun 2011


Dixons1106071541204-1.jpgLG's new home appliances are equipped with a smart technology which enables them to diagnose their own faults.
By installing the new system into domestic appliances such as fridges and washing machines, the company is trying to help customers to save money on repairer visits.
The owner can find out the problem simply by pressing a button on the faulty appliance. The machine will then emit a tone which will represent a specific fault, allowing a technician to fix it.
Which? laundry expert Katie Hill said: "An engineer's visit to diagnose a problem can cost about £100, so it's great to see LG helping its customers help themselves with this kind of diagnostic technology.
"It'll be interesting to see how accurately these machines can communicate their faults, and whether they can detect simple problems you can fix yourself as well as the bigger issues that require attention from a repairman.
"Hopefully the calls won't be expensive as many people will need to call from a mobile phone if their landline doesn't let them get close enough to the machine to pick up the beeps."