NEWS: Sony To Push On Despite Hackers

10 Jun 2011


Dixons1106091352505-1.jpgOnline gameplay is an integral part of the PlayStation experience and will remain so, insists Sony as it works to rebuild its network after the crippling hacker attacks.
Sony Computer Entertainment group chief executive Kazuo Hirai indicated that the company has not intention to trim down connectivity options despite the PlayStation Network (PSN) attacks that have cost more than £100 million to fix.
If anything Sony is working to expand the reach of its network to even more connected devices. The company’s newest gaming console, the PlayStation Vita handheld, offers Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity in addition to full access to PSN.
Extending PlayStation games to Android-powered smartphones is also among Sony’s long-term plans.
Speaking after the unveiling of the Vita, Mr Hirai said: “There’s no turning back on the use of networks in the interactive experience that we want to bring to our customers.
“Just like you can’t imagine having a PC that’s not connected, I really can’t imagine a console that is not able to connect to the networks and do online game play.”