Nintendo at E3 2015

Nintendo took to the floor to show off their latest titles at E3 2015, from new Mario and Metroid to the latest Fire Emblem.



Metroid Prime: Federation Force


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It’s always good to see a new Metroid title, but this one hasn’t set our pulses racing. For a start, you’re not playing as Samus. Instead, you’re one of a team of explorers dashing about fighting big monsters. Not many details have been forthcoming about this 3DS title, but this appears to support multiplayer and also includes a mini-game called Metroid Blastball. Some have commented that this doesn’t really look like a proper Metroid title. We’ll reserve judgement until we see more.


Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival


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Everyone’s favourite cutesy town is back on the Wii U. This time you’ll need to buy Amiibos to play, and a range of favourite characters will be available. This does include K K Slider and Tom Nook, so that’s OK. The game itself is a bit like Mario Party, and players move around a board activating events that affect their final happiness score. This one is due around Christmas time.


Mario and Luigi Paper Jam


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Paper Jam looks sure to satisfy the appetites of Mario and Luigi fans. This 3DS title is a combination of the Paper Mario and Super Mario RPG universes. The fact that these are two of the most consistently entertaining series Nintendo has to offer means this is one to watch.


Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

Mario Tennis on the Wii U sounds like a good thing, and this looks like it’s got all the multi-player tennis fun you’d want. However, the giant version of Princess Peach looks like it’s come from a totally different game. In fact, she’s a bit scary.


Super Mario Maker

Also on the Wii U is Super Mario Maker – a toolkit that lets you create your own Mario levels. It looks pretty simple to use, but can produce complex results with a little effort. You can choose from a number of different graphical styles and even import new characters via Amiibo. With a dedicated fanbase behind it, this could produce endless fun...


Fire Emblem: Fates

There’s a new instalment of the hardcore strategy RPG Fire Emblem heading for the 3DS. This one has some stunning animated movies and improved 3D battle graphics. The previous 3DS Fire Emblem was one of the best in the series, so this has some big shoes to fill. One thing to note is that this is being released under the name “Fire Emblem: If” in Japan and will actually be two games. There’s no news yet on if Fates will contain both games or not.


Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes

Link returns to the 3DS, and this time he’s brought his mates. This title emphasises co-op play, so you’ll need to have some friends with the game to get the best out of it. You’ll all need to work together to solve the puzzles and defeat the monsters.


StarFox Zero

A new StarFox title from the makers of Bayonetta 2 sounds like an interesting prospect. This makes a lot of use of the Wii U GamePad – your TV will display a cinematic view while you see a cockpit view from the controller.