Nintendo Wii U takes centre stage at Gadget Show

The Wii U is getting plenty of attention at the Gadget Show Live @ Christmas

01 Dec 2012


They say all good things come to those who wait, and boy have we waited. Tech titans and gaming gods up and down the country have been counting down the days, advent-calendar style, but at last it's finally here - the Gadget Show Live @ Christmas has thrown open its doors to the great unwashed.

Wii U
The disciples came from far and wide, from the four corners of the kingdom, in pursuit of their Holy Grail - otherwise known as the Nintendo Wii U.

They told their better half they were heading to the ExCel to get a grip on their Christmas shopping. But with the Wii U on display, we all know the real reason they boarded planes, trains and automobiles and headed to east London.
Of course, the Wii U is worthy of a pilgrimage into deepest, darkest docklands; worth squeezing onto the Tube like a sardine in a tin - even though the tightly packed commuters' armpits emitted a similar smell.  

When the Wii U was announced earlier this year, Nintendo said it would change the relationship between us and our TVs.

Nintendo brought motion control gaming to our front rooms six years ago, making it acceptable for everyone from grannies to teens to stand on the living room carpet swinging a plastic controller toward the TV. Neighbours thought we were mad, but it soon caught on and before we knew it everyone was at it, leading to a gaming revolution - and now Nintendo wants the Wii U to have a similar impact.

With a truly revolutionary controller, motion-gaming and some great multiplayer options there's no reason why it shouldn't.

The Gamepad boasts intuitive controls which put you at one with your gaming session, offering precision sharper than a Savile Row suit.

The tablet-like GamePad also features a touchscreen which lets you play via the TV or independently through the controller. If remote-wars are a familiar feature in your front room this could be the perfect solution, letting you pursue the new Mario game while your partner swoons over Paddy McGuinness' one-liners on Take Me Out.
With as many as five hours' battery life, the controller will keep you gaming through the duration of an entire Saturday night of Take Me Out, X Factor and I'm A Celebrity.

The GamePad screen is far from redundant when playing games via your usual TV, keeping your main screen free of clutter by providing a home for maps and inventories and other such ephemera.
Nintendo says the Game Pad is an "extraordinary new controller that redefines the dynamic of playing games together."

The Wii U is clearly fabulous, but the Gadget Show has more to offer so we must press on, really we must.
As we write the ExCel is jam-packed full of gadget lovers, all clamouring and clambering over one another to get their hands on the latest tech. Twitter is abuzz with folk posting breathless 140-character tweets about the spoils on display. Even Lord Sugar has taken to Twitter to spread the love.

And it'd take a personality as big as the Apprentice boss to fill the humongous TV launched by LG at the Gadget Show.  His 'You're Fired' finger-points have seen us squirm in our seats at home, but imagine the impact on a massive 84-inch screen. LG launched such a TV at the ExCel, with its eight million pixels likely to show the sheer terror on the faces of those dragged back into the boardroom should we watch the Apprentice on it.

But as technology has evolved we've demanded more than reality TV from our telly, with tweeting, gaming and on-demand films shaking things up. LG was smart enough to install its LG 84LM960V with the latest Smart features.
We know you're all gaga for gaming, so let's get back to it before we wrap up.

PlayStation's new Wonderbook Of Spells is also on display at the ExCel. Everyone loves a bit of Harry Potter, and the game allows us to recreate the world of Hogwarts in our living rooms.

Those of us hoping to catch a glimpse of Daniel Radcliffe in his John Lennon specs will be disappointed though, as thegame is set 200 years prior to the Potter era. Your PlayStation 3 works overtime with the Move controller and Eye camera to create a story that's all about you.

Alone in an out-of-bounds library, you encounter a book full of spells from the great wizards of Hogwarts. Learning the spells of Lumos and Incendio is likely to be a massive improvement on the average Friday night of fish and chips and Alan Carr.

The Gadget Show Live is a three-day bonanza of latest tech, but hopefully we've offered the lowdown on some of the main things going down at the ExCel centre for those who don't fancy a weekend pilgrimage to east London.
The Gadget Show Live @ Christmas runs until Sunday.