Our tech whizz kids

Imagine a generation of children that can send an email and surf the web, but struggle to tie their shoelaces or ride a bike without stabilisers.

These computer whizz kids certainly impressed Jacqui Smith and Gordon Brown

Only you don't need to imagine it, the day has arrived where children are now comfortable with technology at an early age. Even the basics in life that you have perhaps taken for granted still elude them, but they're more than happy to crack on with a computer game.

Nearly nine out of 10 five to seven-year-olds can now work a computer, according to a poll by Kelkoo questioning 1,057 parents, while 97% are able to play a computer game.

Pretty impressive stuff, especially considering only 56% can tell the time, while less than a third (32%) are able to tie their own shoelaces.

The future

So what does the future hold for the nation's children? You can imagine the next generation getting ready for a day at work in a high-powered IT job… only they can't tell the time, so they'll be late most days, and they'll trip over their untied shoelaces as they leave the house.

Of course, it's hardly surprising given that almost half of parents (47%) say their children have access to the internet. Kids that used to be glued to the television once they got home from school are now logging on to the internet or tearing it up on Call of Duty online.

Most parents are quite happy to see their children be at one with technology, recognising how important it is for their future. Some 87% of the parents who answered the poll said technology is vital to their child's development - although a quarter (26%) were worried tech could damage their kid's ability to create personal relationships.

But how worried should parents really be about how long their children are spending using computers?

No need to panic

Well I don't think there's cause to panic just yet. You could argue that the time spent using computers at least helps their education, as they spend time reading and become comfortable in an IT environment, whereas watching TV might not offer as many benefits.

As with most things in life, everything should be done in moderation. So if you're a parent and you are worried, you can always restrict how long they spend on the computer or put in place parental controls, should you be concerned about what the little ones are exposed to online.

Most of all, we should be proud of our five to seven-year-olds for being whizz kids.

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