Playstation 4 pro – how does it perform?

Sony’s superpowered version of the PlayStation 4 has finally hit the shelves, but how does the PlayStation 4 Pro perform against the old version?

11 Nov 2016


Now we’ve got our grubby little mitts upon the PlayStation 4 Pro, we can finally see how it shapes up against the standard model. Is it a giant leap forwards, or a step too far?


We’ve tested the PS4 Pro in a number of categories. First, we took a look at games performance on a standard 1080p HD TV, then on 4K, and finally we took things into the next dimension with PlayStation VR. After that, we had a quick investigation into how well 4K movies play on the console.


What are the benefits of PS4 Pro on a 1080p HD TV?


While the main focus of the PS4 Pro is geared towards 4K and HDR, we still noticed a decent boost on our good old HD TV. Frame rates felt silky smooth on CoD: Infinite Warfare and Tomb Raider when compared to playing on a standard PS4, which made the experience feel much more immersive and reactive.


What are the benefits of PS4 Pro on a 4K TV?


Here’s where you really start to notice the good stuff. The PS4 Pro’s extra power means it can deliver smooth framerates in 4K and still have enough oomph left over to take advantage of HDR. When you’re playing a game that’s optimised for PS4 Pro, you’ll get a visual treat in the form of enhanced resolution and, if your TV has HDR, better contrast and colours.


Not every game will be optimised in this way, but you can still benefit from the graphics being “upscaled” to 4K so they look super crisp and sharp.


What are the benefits of PS4 Pro with PlayStation VR?


Sony previously announced the PS4 Pro would enhance the PlayStation VR experience and, now we’ve seen it with our own eyes, we can confirm how well this works.


Optimised PS4 Pro titles certainly appear more detailed and feel smoother. If you’re considering buying a PlayStation VR, the PS4 Pro is the best way to play.


How well do 4K movies play on PS4 Pro?


Our one disappointment with the PS4 Pro is the lack of a dedicated 4K Blu-ray player. We love the format and it does feel a shame not to have the ability to use the new 4K discs.


You don’t have to miss out on 4K movies, though. One thing the PS4 Pro is very much able to do is stream in 4K. Once video on demand companies like Netflix add more content and the 4K functionality to their PS4 app, you’ll be able to enjoy incredibly sharp and detailed movies at the touch of a button.



The PlayStation 4 Pro is available now.