Sony unveils PlayStation 4 and price at E3

Sony has finally lifted the lid on its PlayStation 4 console at the E3 gaming expo in LA - here´s the full story

11 Jun 2013


Sony has finally lifted the lid on its PlayStation 4 console - and it was worth the wait.

The tech giant used its keynote slot at the E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles to properly reveal its next-generation console for the first time.


(Credit: AP)

Sony Computer Entertainment president and CEO Andrew House said "delivering breakthrough gaming experience" is at the core of the new console.

The launch followed a Microsoft event in LA for Xbox One, and came after Sony first revealed details of the PS4 in New York earlier this year.

PS4 - Sony reveals pricing

As well as showing off the console, Sony also revealed the price - PS4 will cost £349.

This is compared to the price of Xbox One, which was earlier revealed to be £429.

Sony chief House told the audience and those watching online: "It's a very compelling price... given the entertainment PS4 will provide to gamers."

Console boasts 'unparalleled power'

Lifting the lid on PS4, the Wales-born exec said it was a console of "unparalleled power".

He went on: "We'll continue to prove to you that we have the games, entertainment, value and innovation to give you the very best place to play."

Alex Simmons, UK editor of entertainment website IGN, described it as boasting a "sleek, modern look".

Its black box looks bigger than the latest PS3s, while it also features a blue band around the side which pays lip service to the initial PS2.


(Credit: Sony)

PlayStation 4 - a few key features

So what can gamers look forward to from PS4? Quite a lot.

Those in the audience and watching via live streams were told gamers will be able to play without being signed in online.

Neither will there be new restrictions on how people trade their PS4 games.

"PS4 will not impose any new restrictions on your use of PS4 game discs," said Jack Tretton, boss of Sony Computer Entertainment America.

In the future playing games from older PlayStation consoles online will also be a reality via PS4 as Sony announced plans to stream games online via Gaikai.

Next-gen consoles aren't all about gaming though, with access to films and music when players have had enough joypad action for one day.

Another feature will allow gamers to share footage of their joypad prowess with friends online.

PlayStation 4 - the games

Then there were the games, of which Sony unveiled plenty.

It said the first year of PS4 will deliver at least a further 80 games, with Killzone: Shadow Fall and Drive Club among those gamers will be able to first get their hands on.

Simmons said Sony "revealed wave after wave of exclusive titles from both major publishers and smaller developers alike".

Next-generation nation

Referencing what commentators have dubbed the 'next-generation war' between Xbox One and PS4, Simmons concluded:

"It's going to be an exciting Christmas for consumers as these two exciting new machines do battle for the hearts and minds of UK gamers."