Sony unveils PlayStation 4 in New York

Sony has welcomed us to the “future of entertainment” by unveiling the PlayStation 4 at an event in New York as millions of gaming fans tuned in across the globe.

21 Feb 2013


Sony has unveiled the PlayStation 4 at an event in New York as millions of gaming fans tuned in across the globe to witness the "bold step forward".


Gamers and tech hacks in the UK stayed up late - the event kicked off at 6pm New York time - to see just what Sony had to say about the future of the PlayStation business.

What Sony did have to say certainly didn't disappoint and will be more than worth a few yawns in the office. For the tech giant delivered on all the hype and speculation by peeling back the curtains on the hotly anticipated PS4 - its next-generation console.

The console - which experts say could be "game changing" - follows the PlayStation 3 and will change how we interact with games thanks to social features allowing us to share recorded gaming clips online and a new touch-enabled controller.

Andrew House, chief executive officer of Sony's PlayStation unit, said: "Today marks a moment of truth and a bold step forward for PlayStation as a company.

"Today we'll show how we are strengthening the PlayStation ecosystem."

PS4 system architect Mark Cerny showed off the new console's capabilities as he revealed it will have eight gigabytes of memory as well as a new controller featuring a touchscreen.

The PS4's joypad has been subject to much hype and rumour in recent days but now we know the facts - going under the name DualShock 4, it features a touchpad as well as a light bar which allows a camera to track its movement to detect where the player is.

Using the controller will give a "tighter sense of control," Cerny said.

Brian Blau, an analyst at Gartner, said the new controller would offer "better responsiveness".

He went on: "The new controller is the key to a better PS4 experience. It has the ability to share content easily, and brings in a component of touch that allows even more ways to interact with games."

The console was described as offering a more "personalised experience" with Cerny saying "Nothing will come between the player, the platform, and the joy of the game".

Sony also described the console as a "super-charged PC", boasting an x86-based central processing unit - architecture more likely to be found in a desktop PC.

The console will also make gaming even more social, with a feature that allows users to upload a recording of their game play to a social network. Sony said it wanted sharing clips of game play to become as common a practice as sharing screenshots.

Gaikai cloud technology will be integrated with the PS4, allowing users to broadcast their gaming to friends and ask them to take control of the game to help them out of a tricky spot.

Technology enthusiast Alex Simmons, the UK editor of gaming website, said: "Sony's innovations, such as the ability to share game play experiences with friends, and the rest of the world - and a planned archive of Sony's considerable back catalogue streamed over the internet - could be game-changing."

Sony said it expects to launch the PS4 by "holiday 2013".

Its predecessor the PlayStation 3 has sold about 75 million units.