The lowdown on the PlayStation 4

Sony lifted the lid on PlayStation 4 in New York as the world watched

21 Feb 2013


The papers may have been full of gossip about who fancied who at the Brits but us cool kids knew there was only one story in town.


Sony lifted the lid on PlayStation 4 in New York amid thrashy punk music and messages such as "imagination is the one weapon in the war against reality".

The whole thing set a rip-it-up-and-start-again vibe and after weeks, months and years of speculation revolution was certainly in the air.

The world's most celebrated tech journalists made the pilgrimage to the East Coast as hype about whether we were on the cusp of the brave new world of PS4 reached fever pitch.

And Sony didn't disappoint, taking us by the hand and leading us blinking into the future of PlayStation.  

Although we didn't see the actual machine, oodles of information and spec left us weak at the knees - seductively showing how the PS4 will revolutionise gaming.

So, without further adieu, let's take a look at some of the key features.

Share and share alike

I don't know about you but my mum always told me to play nice and share and it seems the Sony developers are on the same page when it comes to the PS4.

For the PS4 looks like it'd give the cast of TOWIE a run for their money in the sociable stakes.
Hit the 'share' button on the controller and you'll be able to share your gaming session with your mates online - probably best to do this once you've got a handle on the games though. You don't want to end up looking lame.

If you're particularly proud of a certain bit of gaming you can even upload it onto Facebook thanks to a natty feature that records your play. While we're talking about social networking, players will have the option to create Facebook-style profiles to enjoy gaming tailored to fit them snugly.

Synch me up, Scotty

If you already own a PS Vita this next fact will leave you feeling pretty smug.

For you'll be able to use your PS4 to stream games directly to the handheld device, meaning no more rows about taking over the TV with your 'silly games' (what does she know anyway?). It was also suggested it won't be solely Vita owners who benefit from this - no, no, no.

Sony announced plans for similar synergy between similar Sony devices in the future, which could include Bravia TVs and Xperia handsets.

It's all in the touch

In the run up to the launch the rumour mill was getting hot and bothered about the PS4's controller. Breathless leaked reports told us it would be touch-enabled - and they were right.

The DualShock 4's classic shape pays lip-service to iconic PlayStation design, but its touch technology puts it at the forefront of gaming design. The touch-sensitive panel sits above the analogue sticks and will likely feel lovely beneath your fingertips as you stroke and swipe at it to influence your game play.

Of course, you also get the shake, rattle and roll expected of a DualShock controller - good vibrations? We think so.

The eye of the beholder

We were also introduced to the PlayStation Eye. Before you start thinking about big wheels and days out in the Smoke, we better put you straight. The Eye is a camera that picks up the movement of your controller and naturally you (if you're holding it), thanks to a light sensor on the DualShock controller.

The clever camera tech will be able to work out whether a player is in the background or the foreground, while there was also talk of facial recognition getting involved in the future.

Great games

We didn't get to see the new PlayStation in the flesh - or case - but we saw some of the games it would be running. We're still scraping our jaws from the floor after the demo of dystopian action simulation Watch Dogs. Also what we saw and heard of Destiny - a first-person shooter from Halo creator Bungie - was equally sublime.

Rumours were also afoot about a new Final Fantasy game - wowsers.

The cherry on the cake

Sony has whetted our appetite with a cacophony of mouth-watering specs and features, now all we need to fully sate our appetites is a look at the actual machine.

The story of PlayStation 4 has been a true enigma for the current generation of gamers and the fact we're yet to see the actual PS4 means there's still plenty to be excited about before the console bursts into our homes and revolutionises our living rooms. The PS4 - welcome to the future.