The world´s first 3D handheld console

02 Feb 2011


Described as the most immersive experience in handheld gaming yet, the Nintendo 3DS opens a whole new world of entertainment with 3D gaming, 3D video and 3D photography packed into this remarkable aqua blue or cosmo black console.


Console & Screens
The console is 10% bigger than the standard Nintendo DS with the same distinctive double screens. The top screen is a 3D screen with an astounding depth of field that transports your gaming experience to new dimensions. The 5.3” widescreen LCD display enables 3D viewing without the need for glasses. It has 800X240 pixel resolution, with 400 pixels allocated to each eye for incredible 3D game and film graphics. The lower touchscreen has 320X240 pixel resolution and functions with the telescoping stylus that is approximately 4 inches when fully extended. Both screens are capable of displaying an inconceivable 16.77 million colours!

The Nintendo 3DS has not one, not two but THREE camera’s with 640X480 pixel resolution – one inner camera and two outer cameras that allow for the creation of 3D photo’s. Your 3D photographs can then be decorated using a variety of photography lenses and tools like Merge lens, Pinhole lens, or Graffiti tool.

Pre-installed with an Internet Browser, Nintendo 3DS Camera, Nintendo 3DS Sound, Mii Maker, StreetPass, Mii Plaza, AR Games, Activity Log, Face Raiders and more, the Nintendo 3DS also comes with a 2GB SD memory card at the time of launch. Communicate wirelessly with other Nintendo 3DS consoles, exchanging Mii characters and high scores, even in sleep mode, with StreetPass. Detect wireless hotspots with SpotPass and obtain information, game data, free software, videos and more, even when the system is in sleep mode.

Equipped with all the standard controls and embedded microphone of a Nintendo handheld console, the 3DS also has a Circle Pad – an analog control that gives you precision movement in 3D games. In addition to the wonder of 3D gaming, the built-in gyroscope and motion sensor add unique gameplay mechanics by reacting to the motion and tilt of the console. A 3D Depth Slider can adjust the level of the 3D effect to your preference and a Home button conveniently calls up the system functions.

Additional features
Similar to the DSi, the Nintendo 3DS will include parental controls. With backwards compatibility, the 3DS will also play all your DS and DSi games in 2D. A charging cradle and stereo headphone output jack ensure ultimate and lasting gameplay.

Truly a gaming experience like no other; brought to life in brilliant 3D!